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The aim of this guide is to explain precisely how to play with Pool in League of Legends temporada 9.

League of Legends temporada 9 continues to have improvements despite the years, improving and expanding at every opportunity, Riot along with the changes have made it a great success, the perception, nature and vision, already spent so many years we have 147 champions and 997 aspects in total, now we have a final this year, contact with 2 champions and many aspects, among which presents the need for How to play with the pool, this guide has many details in relation to the game, to understand we pay attention to the following.

What is the patch 9.23 in League of Legends temporada 9 about?

This patch brought the modifications a lot of changes, which moved the foundation of League of Legends temporada 9, from the core, a revision of the dragons, changed the landscape of the map, change the game now is much faster and strategy according to the objectives, decrease the average time, the fights are broken along the map of the teams, this is important to see that we understand How to play with Pool, these changes can overwhelm any of the players, so it is good to evaluate all those aspects that were affected by this patch.

Along with the new champions are not those characters who had last season, being the strongest characters are the champions who felt weaknesses, it is normal to take into account the instability of League of Legends temporada 9, if despite how spectacular it is, in The occasions that disappoint at present you can not count on those champions of great success, the strategies that have changed having great diversity, it is good to continue reading to understand how to play with the content below.

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    What is a pool at League of Legends temporada 9?

    It is the number of champions that we can use, by modifying the frequency it is possible to reach the highest performance, in which during all the moment we will have a rate of gain and even more in the classified matches, the numbers of variations of players, considering the skills that we have individuals, knowledge and experience, between 3 and 5 will be the most suitable, which helps to prepare for the possible, in the mayor of the cases mitigate the enemy threat will be paramount, the patches bring many changes, which may mean that this number may not be indicated, League of Legends temporada 9 has many variants and this time it is important that we know How to play with the pool so we take into account the content to be presented in this guide

    Why is it important to know how to play with Pool in League of Legends temporada 9?

    It is very big the amount of players in this fight, where many choose to improve accounts, duos or affected to surrender, the frustration can lead to a blame to others, like to the teammates and disturbances due to the low performance that could affect even the exit of the game, it is possible that they are not studied and notice that this can happen by some factors, being these, concentration, progress and dedication, for that reason it is the importance from here on in Sabre How to play with Pool, since we will be able to make a mastering faster compared to other players who are at the same level, if it is not enough, it is possible that with the high performance you can enjoy more games, with ease and knowledge, allowing us to feel in a more professional situation, mastering our desired champion, improving many aspects, the plays, performance and even the range of improvement, if it is good to understand how to play with Pool in League of Legends temporada 9.

    How to play with Pool in League of Legends temporada 9

    In order to understand how to play with the pool we have to carry out the construction and take into account the following

    - Find our main role

    The current game setting will be important, whether or not you're a rookie, in the same way you have to think, it takes time, but the roles will be different and we can experience them, because it will not be the same what we did in the past with this current, it is possible to feel uncomfortable having problems with the pool of champions without receiving impact changes by Riot, it can become normal not wanting to play these days, understand how playing with the pool can be slow, but we must have an open mind, investigate, be observing the movements and tournaments, to reach an answer, the classification matches if we must avoid them, since it is safe to have failures before the players with more experience, in spite of the normal games are slow and there are fights for a position or the same character, it will be possible without consequences to experiment, to play this way we will have to the modes of trainings that will be of smaller competition and fast in League of Legends temporada 9.

    - Make our main choice

    The practice allows us to reach the desired stage, we have now that we select our favorite champion, being this one the one that we choose more and it brings with it a better performance of us in the difficult situations, which helps us in the progress in the front of the endless situations for which we are going to be, giving simultaneously form to our style of game, it is possible despite all that we have a definition about this, we can be one of those who adjust according to the level of competition, it is important that we overcome the golden opponents to be concentrated with an open mind to a host of new possibilities, because as a half laner is different, key point learning how to play with the pool to be in a position of dominance in League of Legends season 9.

    - Having a backup

    There is sometimes the situation where we do not have our champion, being even prohibited, used by the rival team or even by a member of our team can be chosen, among the teachings of How to play with the pool is good to have a joker, another backup champion with which you can have the same role and possibilities with our style of play, with this new selection, this is a choice as effective as the favorite champion in League of Legends temporada 9, to have a competitive game and easily  

    - Find a counter selection

    In League of Legends temporada 9 based on the matches is that we will have the most games, sometimes many games in the tournaments are finished before starting, so the decision taken is important, it is ideal that we have some counter-attacks to counter even another counter, because it is not only us, the team also, to give a balance to the game in many ways, when counter-attacking we can mitigate the skills, until the rebound in parts that can verse lost, it is key to have the clarity of How to play with Pool.

    - To have a secondary role and support for it

    It is good to note that to have the players easier, was introduced by Riot the second role slot, time is our enemy, in the case of having to decide to form our team, which is affected by the choices of our opponents and prohibitions, even the third role assigned that becomes worse, No matter where we find ourselves, it's important to think about the benefit to ourselves and the team, we have to find our secondary role, and with some experience improving in How to play with the pool can be easier, now that the champions can occupy different positions in a game as diverse as it is now League of Legends temporada 9 thanks to Riot.

    - Having an automatic filling option

    Here we must have our options based on an unconventional champion or some that fit all our needs, in these uncomfortable situations of the autocomplete in a random way, take into account that our pool may not be as big as to carry out a number of positions, depending on the region and the level in which we are, the roles will be easy to find, an example of this is the Junglers and the Supports, the losses of these are minor, compared to the medium and high are already busy, depending on the situation this could be helpful to find our position.

    - Evaluate our Pool and adjust

    Important detail to know How to play with Pool to fullness is to realize what is wrong and it does not work as before, the champion nerfs, the changes of goal and the bad performance, can be the reasons of this, there are occasions where many things that we can ignore, a champion or our favorite team can stagnate us, without realizing we have an affectation, a solution to this, it is possible to select other champions that are not available before and now we have our pool of champions which we can refresh, adding new or recent of these, the style of play is something we could try by changing it, the change of actions can help us before it is too late, try several things before we are surprised in League of Legends temporada 9.

    Our guide is finished, where our main topic is about the explanation of How to play pool in League of Legends temporada 9, we hope this content will be useful to our readers and will help them in this amazing game.

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