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League of Legends: How to play with Alune

2019-11-27 11:26:03

After a while, we return with League of Legends this time to explain how to play with Alune.

Who is Alune in League of Legends?

  Alune is nothing more than Alphesio's sister, the most recent League of Legends champion, since this is a new character that has been incorporated and we will see how we can play with her.

How to play with Alune in League of Legends?

 To understand how to play with Alune, it is necessary to know something about her biography, as this is nothing more than Alphesio's twin sister, they were both celebrated as the children of destiny by those of the lunar faith, Targon, Alune does the role of his brother's guide, because there is much left with poison, so she will guide you to the temple sanctuary.

 These two twins carried out activities each, because Alphesio executed dangerous missions whose objective was the protection of the lunar faith, while his sister Alune was a seer, because his job was to reveal the magic that was on hidden roads, and reveal the truths in the moonlight, for that reason a task has been assigned to him, and it is the one to leave the temple where both she and her brother had grown up, that is why Alune appeared in the Marus Omegnum temple.

 These two brothers have a quite complex history, because the Solari attacked the Lunari during the ritual that I watched Alune enter the temple, because that is where our champion managed to access the heart of the temple and rise to its full potential, so she He showed his power to help his brother overcome the Solari in an excellent way.

 Alune is retired in the magical temple helping her brother to protect the lunari faith of those who attack her, it is important to keep in mind that many players anxiously wait to see how Alphesio makes use of weapons with the help of his sister's magic Alune in League of Legends.

 To finish knowing how to play with Alune in League of Legends we only need to read a little of the history of these two brothers.

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