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Layers of Fear 2: Where to Find Collectibles for Photo Slides

2019-05-28 22:05:40

In the horror game Layers of Fear 2 there are collectibles known as Photo Slides. These must be collected in certain specific locations, as the story unfolds. In this guide of xboxplay.games are mentioned the locations where these collectible Photo Slides can be obtained, although it's important to mention that there are a few locations missing, which will be added in the next update that will be made to this guide.

Photo Slides in Layers of Fear 2

The Photo Slides are collectible items that are present in the horror game Layers of Fear 2. These can be obtained in specific locations such as shelves, drawers and even chairs and stools.

Collecting all these collectibles turns out to be beneficial because it allows you to unlock the achievement or trophies "A Slice of Life" and "A Mosaic of Misery".

Layers of Fear 2 - In One Take Trophy / Achievement

You can lose the Photo Slides if you are not careful

Photo slides can easily be lost in the history, otherwise you can pick one up as it goes developing. Fortunately, if this is the case, Layers of Fear 2 allows players to play each Act again, which allows them to recover any Photo Slides that have been lost. However, this can be done once the game is finished, which is when the "New Game +" is unlocked, which is where you can take the collectibles.

Another way in which it's possible to lose the Photo Slides that is achieved is not reaching a new control point. When Photo Slides are collected, they're not saved until the next control point has been reached. This means that if your character dies before a new control point arrives, all collected collectables will be lost and you'll have to collect them again.

An additional aspect to keep in mind is that the collectible object tracker with which to unlock the trophy is only updated when returning to the cabin. In this sense, it's important to finish the Act in which you're and then return to the cabin to be updated.

Locations to find the Photo Slides in Layers of Fear 2

The Photo Slides collectibles can be obtained in various places present in the Layers of Fear 2 game. Below are the locations where these items can be collected, specifying the Act and listing the corresponding collectible.

Act 1. Unmooring.

- Photo Slide # 1: This article can be obtained by initiating the Act., When you're walking down the hall and you're at a door ajar, on the left. In front of that door is another, which you can enter. Once inside, you can see a compartment with a bedside table, the Photo Slide in one or the drawers.

- Photo Slide # 2: This collectible is in a room where there are some microphones, suitcases and a blue table. The Photo Slide is located in a drawer, in the area.

Act 2. The Hunt.

- Photo Slide # 3: Once you get to the moment where it's necessary to stop the smoke that sabresale the pipe, it's possible to get this collectible. When turning the valve to close it, you only have to duck under the pipe located on the right and at the end there is the photo slide.

Act 3. Bloody Roots.

- Photo Slide # 4:
in this Act, when you get the keys that serve to access the bedroom, you can get the collectible on the bedside table, in the drawers.

- Photo Slide # 5: as soon as we know this location, we will add it. From xboxplay.games we apologize.

- Photo Slide # 6: This is another collectible that can be obtained in a drawer, but this time that of a desk located in the office.

Act 4. Breathe.

- Photo Slide # 7:
When you're falling down the stairs that will take you to a red corridor where you can see a large floor, you should only look to the right of the room. The Photo Slide will be on a piano.

- Photo Slide # 8: In this same Act. 4, a monster will chase you right after the previous Photo Slide has been collected. At this point return to the stairs, when closing the coffin you'll find a Photo Slide to pick up on the stool.

Act 5. Forever.

- Photo Slide # 9: Once the projector is used, you should only advance until you see some bars. While there, to the right you can find the Photo Slide on a shelf, under a picture.

- Photo Slide # 10: as soon as we know this location, we'll add it. From xboxplay.games we apologize.

- Photo Slide # 11: This collectible can be found before entering the room where the floating lemons are. Being there, when looking to the left, you can see a door which leads to a hallway where the Photo Slide is well hidden. However, you should only look at the lower shelves on the right and in an open box.

You already have almost all the locations where you can get the Collectable Photo Slide in Layers of Fear 2. Go get them and while we're pending to update this guide and be able to complete it.

Do not forget to share this article with your friends so that they also have this help. Remember to always come back here, xboxplay.games to continue using our guides. You can also leave comments with your experiences in the game, questions or any other details that you want to add with which to help the other players in the community.

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