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Layers of Fear 2: Mysterious Items – Where to Find Collectibles

2019-05-28 21:01:09

In Layers of Fear 2 there are several collectable items. Among these items are the so-called mysterious items, which can be obtained in various places. This guide mentions several details to consider when collecting these collectibles as well as the locations in which they can be obtained. It's important to clarify that this work is not yet complete so it'll be updated soon to add the missing locations.

The mysterious collectible items in Layers of Fear 2

The mysterious items in Layers of Fear 2 are collectible items that can be unlocked by trophies or achievements. These can be found in various places where the game is developed.

A very important fact to take into account with these collectibles is that they can be lost very easily by not being collected when the opportunity appears in the main story. However, there is a point in favor and that is that Layers of Fear 2, once the main story is finished, opens access to all the Act, separately, allowing players to collect the collectibles they lost during the story.

LAYERS OF FEAR 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Demo

You can lose the collectible mysterious items in Layers of Fear 2

While the game gives players the opportunity to collect the collectible items after they complete the main story, opening access to "New game +", there are still ways in which these objects can be lost if not collected properly. .

One way that collectibles can be lost is by not reaching a checkpoint. When collectibles are collected, they are not saved until a new checkpoint is reached. This means that if several items are collected and before reaching the next control point your character dies, then all those collectibles will be lost, meaning they must be collected again.

Another thing to consider given that you can lose collected collectibles is that the tracker of collectibles, used to unlock the achievement or trophy. This is only updated when you return to the cabin. For that reason it is very necessary to finish the Act that is being carried out and then return to the cabin.

Locations for collectible mystery items in Layers of Fear 2

The collectibles are located in various places present in the game Layers of Fear 2. Below are several of the locations in which these items can be obtained, specifying the Act and listing the corresponding collectible.

Act 2. The Hunt.

- Mysterious article # 1: Being in the steam rooms to avoid the monster and then wait for it to leave later, at the moment when it goes directly to the projector to continue with the story you can get the mysterious article. However, to obtain the article you must go straight and not go to the project.

- Mysterious article # 2: Being in this place, when the switch must be activated to then quickly return and duck under the pipes to pass before the end of time, right there you can find the article on a table.

Act 3. Bloody Roots.

- Mysterious item # 3: This collectible is obtained by solving a puzzle that is found in the tree truck, located in the garden area. Being there, the article can get the lap of a child on a bench.

Act 4. Breathe.

- Mystery item # 4: To get this collectible you must use the combination left to right that the playing cards give, located on the floor. When doing this the chest will be opened and with this you'll be able to pick up the mysterious object.

You already know almost all the locations where you can get the mysterious collectible items in Layers of Fear 2.

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