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Lambda Wars Beta Cheat Codes: All Console Commands Guide

2019-05-13 20:13:07

Lambda Wars is a free and independent multiplayer videogame of Half-Life 2 that takes the war between humanity and its brutal Combined to a traditional configuration of real-time strategy (RTS).

Lambda Wars Beta: Commands of the Console, of modification of Source Engine.

Lambda Wars Beta Tutorial | Why you think the AI Bots cheat?

When you start you should make sure that there is a console activated watching.

Configuration> Keyboard and mouse, then click on enable the dev console and then click on.

Then use ~ to open it.

Later you will have to start a map of some type using:

Then enable the tricks through:
sv_cheats 1
Console commands

Related to the game:

wars_giveresources - Give resources
wars_build_instant - build units instantly (ignoring construction times)
unitpanel - Displays a panel to generate the units
unit_create - Create a unit from the console.
Panel skill: shows a panel to execute skills.
wars_abi - Execute a skill from the console.
playermodifiertool: shows a panel to modify some data of the player's instance as the color.
atributemodifiertool - Displays a panel to modify the attributes of the units.
load_gamepackage: load a game package.
change_ownernumber - Change your owner number. It is used to identify which units you can control.
sv_unitlimit - Control the maximum population per player.
wars_setgamerules - Change the rules of the game.

Related map:

wars_editor - Open tools for the flora editor and the navigation mesh
sv_fogofwar 0 - Disable fog of war
noclip - Free flight mode

CPU / AI Related to the player:

wars_strategicai_enable - Enable CPU Player for a specific player.
wars_strategicai_disable - Disable CPU Player for a specific player.
wars_strategicai_debugprint - Print debug information on a CPU player.

Nav Mesh related:

recast_build - Create the navigation mesh.
recast_draw_navmesh - Displays the navigation mesh.
recast_draw_nodepth - Draws the navigation screen without depth. It can be useful if the map geometry is superimposed on the mesh, but if it has several layers, this may seem confusing.
recast_draw_trimeshslope: displays the geometry of the map used by the construction process. Useful if the result of the navigation mesh does not match the expected result.
recast_build_numthreads: maximum number of threads used when creating parallel navigation meshes.
recast_loadmapmesh - Generates the map geometry used by the construction process. recast_build will do it automatically, but it can be useful if you only want to visualize the geometry of the generated map.