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Lidia Rozo
2021-06-23 17:53:29

More about: Knockout City

Our guide today on Knockout City lets us explain how to get heatwave tickets.

What is the heat wave in Knockout City?

This is simply a store with which we get in this game, and it has for us some exclusive contracts that it is not possible to miss them, as the first Heatwave event takes place it is possible to exchange the tickets and to talk to you about them, we are here.

How to get heatwave tickets in Fortnite?

It is worth clarifying that there is the opportunity to get around 720 Heat Wave tickets and these can be used in the store with the mere purpose of exchanging them for some rewards, for our good fortune we still have time to work hard, this Because the event has an expiration date on July 4 and while this happens we accumulate the tickets with which we can get:

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To win the tickets, it is necessary to comply with the game event contracts, which are usually a total of 12 and each of them allows us to receive 60 tickets as a reward, in this sense, it is usually necessary to work in this way:

  • Collect the amount of 16 ice lollies in Rooftop Rumble.
  • Collect the amount of 17 ice lollies in Concussion Yard.
  • Collect the amount of 17 ice lollies in Knockout Roundabout.
  • Collect the amount of 17 ice lollies in Galaxy Burger.
  • Get the amount of 16 poles in Back Alley Brawl.
  • Get the quantity of 17 poles in Jukebox Junction.
  • Get the number of 25 poles in Knockout City.
  • Get the amount of 50 ice lollies in Knockout City.
  • Collect the amount of 75 ice lollies in Knockout City.
  • Get the amount of 100 ice poles in all Knockout City.
  • Complete the amount of 50 matches during the Heat Wave event.
  • Win at least 50 matches during the Heat Wave event.

In general terms, knowing how to get heatwave tickets offers us the opportunity to work enough these days and thus access to claim different rewards in Knockout City.

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