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Today we bring you a Knockout City guide where we are going to tell you how to change gender.

What is the point of changing gender in Knockout City?

Just having the possibility of making some vital changes, which may involve characteristics that are simple enough, such as voice, accessories and even clothing, here there is no option clearly related between masculine and feminine, in such a way that knowing How to change gender is an action that can be done manually according to what we consider most favorable.

How to change gender in Knockout City?

This is a simple enough action for which you need:
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    • Open the game menu.
    • Then we must click on the option "Customize Brawler"
    • Next we will see the window that allows us to customize our character.


     It is possible to create a male or female character and this usually has some customization options that can affect our appearance in Knockout City, for this it is worth having certain characteristics:


    •  Body and skin color: this game allows us to have two bodies available, one female and one male, the choice of which we consider favorable is ours and this presents some type of incidence in relation to our appearance of the character.
    • Hairstyle and hair color: this is another option that can look good, and there are several options to strengthen the features a bit more and give it the favorable characteristic that we want.
    • Voice: this aspect has some relevance especially because there is a wide range of at least 6 voices to assign to our character, these can distinguish between male and female, we only choose the one that goes with our character. Face and makeup: we continue to know How to change gender and for this we have a considerable amount of options related to traits, which can well distinguish between male and female, in addition there is the possibility of changing the color of makeup, this if we want in this way.
    • Suits: these are another aspect that usually identifies between masculine and feminine, there are skirts, shirts, denim clothes, etc.


     It is possible to customize a total of 3 Brawlers, in such a way that this can become an interesting and necessary task to execute, considering that the traits here can be a fundamental aspect and that we can play with the elements that seem favorable to us.

     Now that you know how to change gender it is time to embark on this option and make your character the one you consider the most favorable and with the best appearance to your own taste and style in Knockout City.

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