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One of the most common questions of Kingdoms of Amalur will be how to trade stolen items and here we will answer articles

What is Kingdoms of Amalur?

It is the Reckoning 2020 version of the original title that was released before 2012. However, Electronic Arts leaked some elements of the remake and its launch should take place on September 11, 2020. One of the things that will cost you the most in the game sometimes it will be selling stolen items, so knowing how to exchange them will be extremely useful.

How to trade stolen items at Kingdoms of Amalur?

Most merchants are honest enough to realize the luxury of not wanting to buy stolen items. So your best option in this case is to go with the so-called Fences, who you can find in the camps in the place of the established cities.

The places where you can trade stolen items are the Moon Camp to the north and the Solar Camp to the south, so head to either one and interact with any of the NPCs you find to start an operation.

Remember that if you have the Mercantile skill, you will get better buying and selling prices with the merchants and if you have the last level of this skill you will be able to sell stolen goods to any amateur merchant.

That's all you need to know about exchanging stolen items at Kingdoms of Amalur, we hope that now that you know, you will get the most out of these items by selling or using them yourself. Remember that about this game, we have a lot of useful content that you can review in our articles.

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