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Kingdom Hearts 3 guide: How to get the Ultima Weapon

2019-05-16 19:07:52

The Ultima Weapon is one of the best keyblade you can have in Kingdom Hearts 3 in complete safety.

Unfortunately to get the Ultima Weapon you must wait until the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 and still in the end there are a few things you must do before you can unlock it once and for all.

And is that being in the end, you'll have to get all the materials needed to synthesize the Ultima Weapon as the development should synthesize it.

But if you thought that we were going to leave you alone in this you are wrong. Below, we present our guide to Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultima Weapon, so you can kill Heartless and get the Ultimate Weapon.

KINGDOM HEARTS 3 - Ultima Weapon GUIDE - All 7 Orichalcum+

How to unlock the Ultima Weapon

Before starting logically you've to know what Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultima Weapon is.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultima Weapon is the last keyblade available to you, it's necessary to unlock the Ultima Weapon achievement.

As we mentioned before you've to synthesize it, when we say that you've to synthesize it we mean that you've to get all the materials necessary to create it.

Once you've the Ultima Weapon you've a Strength and Magic stat of 13 each, which is almost higher than any other combination of keys in the game; only the Classic Tone key combination can increase with 14 Magic at the highest level.

If you want to get this Ultimate Weapon first of all as we said before you've to get four separate materials.

The first you'll need are 7 Orichalcum +, there are exactly 7 that are available in all Kingdom Hearts 3 in specific locations.

Collect the crystals and Gems

The next thing you need are two spring crystals, two lucid crystals and two pulsating crystals that are located in equally specific locations, but here there is no limit to availability, but they are unlimited in the videogame, although the lucid crystals are a little more hard to get, you'll also have to synthesize them in the Moogle store and they take a Crystal from the Spring, two lucid Gems, three lucid Stones and five lucid Shards.

We recommend cultivating as many Spring crystals in Battlegate 12, then you'll have to go to the Kingdom of Corona and meet Lucid Shards killing a lot of malachite boleros, and Lucid Gems are in Chief Puffs. Go to Olympus and kill as many Air Soldiers as you can.

Try to get the materials to synthesize Pulsing Crystals by your own means, you'll have to use a spring crystal, two pulsating crystals, three pulsating stones and five pulsating fragments.

To be able to get the pulsating crystals you'll have to kill a few Satyrs.

Pulsating stones are frequent drops of Powerwild Heartless, which are small monkeys in the Caribbean, but are frequently found in the cores of the land of Olympus.

Once you've all the materials, go to a Moogle store and the Ultima Weapon will be yours.