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Killer Queen Black: Win a Match Guide - tips and tricks

2019-10-15 12:13:44

In Killer Queen Black all players undertook their luck in this game, in this guide we will tell you as Win a Match more easily.

Killer Queen Black is an interesting game, it is a fight from start to finish to get the win in a game, but only one of the two teams will be the winner, and players will have several options for Win a Match, then we will tell you.

How Win a Match in KillerQueen Black?

In this interesting game Killer Queen Black all players have three options to win the game, which are: a victoriamilitar, an economic and a snail, then we will tell you about these3 victories.

How to win the military victory in KillerQueen Black?

We can tell you that Win a Match convictoria military is the most aggressive of the three ways, it is about eliminating the enemy queen three times so you can complete this challenge, you must keep in mind that the Queen is a rather agile, powerful and daring rival, the soldiers who care for her are not her only defense, the difficult thing is to destroy her in a single fight, but this is one of the three options with which you can win faster.

The Queen of Killer Queen Black can easily compromise several times if you want to win, unequipo will account for the number of times they have taken the Queen by the eggs located at the top of the screen, when there are no more eggs lareina die, and the game is over.

How to win the economic victory in KillerQueen Black?

It's about collecting purple berries you can find scattered on the map of Killer Queen Black, you need to carry them and deposit them in your beehive, every time you get to throw one in your colony you'll see how a black dot is filled in your house, you must fill all the spaces first another player using a Dron if you want to win the game.

Using the Dron you will be able to carry the berries through the platforms until you can secure them in your beehive, if you can make your dron become a warrior, when a Dron carries a berry to one of the gates, he won't be able to carry the berries to the base, you must take that very much into account for Win a Match.

How to win the victory of the snail in KillerQueen Black?

If you look closely you can see on the map of KillerQueen Blackun snail hanging, you have to direct a drone to the snail and mount it on the corresponding net next to it, as we know snails are very slow, this endangers the Drones because it would be very complicated to stop there without being attacked.

Obligatorily the Dron has to mount the snail during all its journey from where it is to the other side, once it arrives at its destination you will have won a game in snail, before mounting the snail you must be sure that your Dron carries a berry, this will guarantee you win a game in snail.

This is all you needed to know about how Win a Match in the game Killer Queen Black, now you know that you have three ways to win, you choose which one to use, the three victories will make your multiplayer game is diverse and very fun.

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