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Killer Queen Black: Controls Guide

2019-10-14 10:18:30

Now Killer Queen Black has arrived with multiplayer mode for fans, in this guide we will tell you everything you want to know about controls.

KillerQueen Black has arrived to install at home, for now will be available for NintendoSwitch and PC, is expected to arrive very soon for Xbox One, we are surprised are its multiplayer mode for 4 against 4, you can drive your team using one of its three ways, can be with a Queen Kill, mounting uncaracol or using an economic storage system, and it is the decision of the player how to manage their controls.

What are the controls of Killer Queen Black?

You must take into account the configuration of your controller before starting the game KillerQueen Black, it's also important that you know the best way to do this, and also know what options will be available to you from this game when you go to guide your team.

What are the best moves in Killer Queen Black?

There are two fundamental moves in this game that you can do using yourcontrols correctly, the first of them is to jump flutter, you can do this using drones and your Queen Warrior characters, fortunately you have the advantage of jumping through the areas to the highest platforms, if you are one of the last characters will have the joy of flying equally but only by the scenarios, in this case you can only use the flutter to keep out of reach of enemies.

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    The second move that you will have available in Killer Queen Black is the Launch Attack: this can be done using your drones, with them you can collect berries and throw them to the economic board that your team has available, depending on your position in the moment warrior or drone, you can give an attack with the weapon you have chosen, you can also do using your sword making a diving attack if you want to launch from a high position on your enemy.

    If you use the default moves and buttons you can do it, but you have the advantage of modifying them from the options menu. If you want to play a JoyCon in the 8-player multiplayer mode, you'll probably have to make some adjustments by adapting the small buttons, so you'll have the opportunity to choose the controls that best suits your comfort.

    What other features does Killer Queen Black offer?

    If you enter the manu of Killer Queen Black options, you will realize that you can highlight a player, with the advantage of being able to mark it on the map, this is because it is a very large game and can lose the track of the player easily, but if you jump you can keep more vigilant and follow more easily. Other options available to you are that you can show Pings of other players, you can even activate alerts and Emotes, it would be a way to be in communication with your teammates.

    You can have the controls with Alerts if you configure some individual buttons, the available alerts can be: Gate Alert, Gold Base and Blue Base, as well as those with a general alert called door alert, with it you can notify your team in case of defense. However the blue and gold alerts work in the best way, it is very useful to tell a colleague to defend one of the bases that can be visited by a drone on a snail, you have the advantage of changing all the functions you want in the options menu of the game.

    We also have theemotes in Killer Queen Black, these could be defined as a way of communicating with your friends using your character certain emotions, such as anger, love, confused and Taunt, each of them tells us something that is happening as for example if you lose, if you get a victory, if you do not understand what to do or if you presume to the contrary, in this case you can configure the buttons of your D-pad.

    As you can see it is a game that is practically about the player configuring the controls to sugusto, as you can notice they are quite easy configurations to do, based on communication and general functionality, but it offers you to adapt the configuration to your liking to make it as comfortable as possible.

    This is all you need to know about the controls in the Killer Queen Black game, we hope our guide has been of great help to you, as usual thank you for always being with us, good luck in the configuration you choose.

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