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Kenshi Walkthrough: The Sneaky Thief

2019-05-23 19:11:05

If you don't mind becoming a sneaky thief from time to time in the role-playing game Kenshi then you're in the right place.

Before starting your career as a sneak thief, you have to precisely determine that, who you're going to designate as your sneak thief star. Always try to limit the number of people you choose to become characters based on stealth, but you will need several characters to cover most of the damage of a fight and for this you'll not need to be properly very stealthy and careful, quite the contrary.

Kenshi: Some Tips for Beginners

Choose your Thief and train him

After you determine who will be your stealthy thief star you'll have to train him to make him the best, start the training by stealing the small items that are outside the containers.

Keep the level of stealth blue or yellow

Always try to keep your level of stealth blue or yellow, if your stealth turns red it means that you're not being so discreet and can be discovered, when you've an acceptable number of items but always being careful not to Overload, keep in mind that by carrying too much weight the stealth is decreasing and the chances of being discovered increasing, but once you think it's enough to go to a place where nobody sees you.

Drop them all on the ground and pick them up, this will level your statistics. Rinse and repeat until you're near level 25.

You'll have to be stealthy also when you leave the house loaded with articles.

To level the stealth you can set your characters to follow the NPCs while they are in stealth, you can also put them in stealth and drag them until you create that the statistics level is optimal.

Start stealing

Once you have a level of statistics acceptable enough to start stealing then do it. You can start at night under the cover of darkness and after the shops close it'll be much easier.

Beware of patrols

You'll always have to be aware of patrols camping outside the store, you can make something distract them in some way to enter.

When you're inside take the things you can and more value to also increase your statistics, but always taking care that there will be no guard inside the store because you can be surprised. As we already mentioned, carrying a lot of weight will make you less stealthy, so you should be prudent and not break the bag of greed so that you won't be discovered by making noise.


After a few hits it's time to enjoy your rewards, you'll be able to equip your gang of misfits with decent team play early to help level their stats too.

At the time of selling the stolen items you'll have to take care of yourself so that you don't sell them to the same people you stole them from and avoid problems, if you can change the city at the time of selling your stolen items much better and try to pick up the Sellers who don't usually carry those items. The Hub is a good place to go, which is where you can find the Shanobi guild, and a good fence.