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Katana ZERO: Tips and tricks for Hard Mode

2019-06-04 20:28:10

If you are a fan of Katana ZERO, you will surely want to know some tricks when playing the difficult mode of this title.

Katana Zero, the Askiisoft videogame belonging to the 2D platform action genre allows you to navigate sideways levels, where you must kill all enemies at that level using a sword or environmental traps. However, things get even more complicated in the difficult mode. If you want to know how to play this modality and be successful, continue reading.

The first thing that is recommended when playing the difficult mode in Katana ZERO is to get the master sword, since this one fires a beam that can eliminate more enemies.

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If you run into a weapon try to skip it. Although this does not count for those enemies that need to be eliminated on the map and if you try to fight with the weapon, it could make things difficult for you. So take it out only when strictly necessary.

Slow motion

Another tip is the use of slow motion. You have used this several times and try to shoot as often as you can. Mostly keep it rolling and you should only turn it on in the sections that you think might help.


Try to plan a map thinking about the best way to get a map. In some cases the first route you see is not always the best option and you should consider an alternative route to eliminate the enemies in another corner first and then return to the others.

We hope this information has been very useful for you.

We remind you that Katana ZERO is found on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.