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Jump Force Guide: Tips and Tricks

2019-02-26 21:23:15

The fight video game developed by Spike Chunsoft recently released on February 15, can be a video game overwhelming to have 40 characters, yes, 40 characters to choose.

The focus of Jump Force seeks to refute with other classic combat games.

In Jump Force it is not necessary to memorize the combos and entries, but we have 2 main combat attacks:

 Your basic Rush, better known as a "Light" combo, allows you to run up to 6 attacks by pressing Square on the PlayStation 4 or B on the Xbox One, it can be used to stun your enemy or inflict light damage on small openings. But if you press the Rush button you can send your enemy shooting or break his blockade.

The second basic attack is the Smash, also known as "Heavy" can be executed by pressing Triangle on the PlayStation4 or Y on the Xbox One. But you can only chain 3 heavy attacks in a row, which are enough to send your enemy shooting Through the battlefield, you can use this attack to reload your skill bar.

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You can also use the chase to close the distance and maintain the pressure while they are out of balance.

But if your opponent makes it difficult to rebalance you press L1 on PS4 or LB on Xbox when you are stuck in a combo to activate an "escape", to exhaust the entire movement bar, but only activate it when it is very necessary because Having a movement meter is necessary to be able to get far.

In this video game the way in which the team is composed is not very important as in others, so do not be shy when creating your team with the villains that you like, since almost everyone shares a health bar, attacks and abilities quite similar.

If you want to change the fighters use L2 on PS4 or LT on Xbox to make a chase to the opponent, which will be very useful to continue combos in a hurry after reaching the last attack with the fighter who is in the battle rim, if you do it in the precise way you can make an attack of 6 strokes one of 12 strokes.

The base of Umbras is its headquarters as a member of Jump Force, however, move can become somewhat clumsy.

Press Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox to show the map shown above, when you press you will see a mini map for Umbras in the lower right corner, but do not get carried away by the "mini" is bigger than you can believe, but there is a vehicle to be able to contribute to the movement, if you press the D-Pad the menu will be displayed in which you can choose between 3 base vehicles which are quite fast.

The base of Umbas has 1 wing per team, which gives us a total of 3 wings and the main area is connected to the Command Center. But you are not stuck in the wings, you can move freely in the base and the controllers can be used to go to missions.