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Judgment - How To Unlock Tailored Suit Disguise - Basics Tips to play

2019-06-25 21:33:25

In Judgment, the video game derived from the Yakuza series there are a series of costumes that you can use throughout the course of the story. If you want to unlock the custom costume suit in Judgment, keep reading.

During Judgment Chapter 1, a story event that introduces the Friends of the Game system occurs. By completing the search in which you buy a special figure for Tsukumo you can start making friends with other people in the city.

Unlock costume custom made costume in Judgment

After unlocking the Friends feature, you will notice new friendship markers on your map. You should go to Le Marche, there it is on East Showa Street, that is, in the south east part of the map. You will have to enter and buy an item from the Tailor. In doing so, you should leave the store and talk to him again.

Once you talk to him, he will offer to make you a suit, then you must leave the store a second time and run down the street looking for a fight. Complete the fights, pass the time and unlock the next stage of a friend's mission. Once that is done, go back to the tailor and help him solve a "problematic" client. After helping him, you must leave the store for the third time and find another fight.

Finally when you have resolved the fight, return to the store and the tailor will give you the news that your suit is ready.

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