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Judgment: How To Find All 6 Free Pass Vouchers

2019-06-26 23:00:29

In Judgment it is of great importance the acquisition of free passes, since this allows you to enjoy the free virtual reality game Dice & Cube as many times as you want. For this reason, this time we will show you how to find the 6 free pass coupons in Judgment.

In all Judgment you can find 6 vouchers of different Free Passes. When you get the 6 vouchers you can go to the place of VR, to turn them into a Free Pass. This pass will give you the option to play the dice and cubes mini-game totally free.

Find the 6 free pass coupons in Judgment

Free Pass Bonus N1: Once you have visited the VR location you can find the first free pass coupon. You should only go to the Batting Center, to complete the Kamurocho Course in the Homerun section, for this you will need to get 7 Homeruns.

Free Pass Bonus N2: Once you have started Chapter 5 of Judgment, you will find a new event of friends in the sewers with Morio Onodera. Where you should talk to him and buy a single item. Repeat this action 3 times to maximize your level of friendship, then open more items in your store and you can buy the second free pass coupon for only 4,500 SP.

Free pass voucher N 3: To get the third free pass voucher, you must redeem 10,000 Chips for a free pass coupon at L'Amant Casino.

Free pass voucher N4: Once you have helped the brewer of extract named Iyama in Chapter 5 of Judgment, you can unlock a new Casino in the Dragon Palace. Note that this free pass coupon can be exchanged at the casino there for 10,000 chips.

Free pass voucher N5: At the conclusion of the event in Chapter 5 with The Hermit Of Dragons Palace, Iyama. You can exchange Koi Koi points on the 3rd floor of the Dragon Palace.

Free pass voucher N6: The latter is a reward for completing the final Drone Racing championship.

This way you can get the 6 free pass coupons in Judgment.

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