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Judgment: How To Find 3rd Floor Key Quickly

2019-06-25 22:08:15

In this opportunity we will show you the correct way to find the key of the third floor in Judgment. So stay with us so you do not miss any details.

Where to find the third floor key in Judgment?

While developing a history mission, you can choose Costume to enter the building, in doing so you will have to find a key during a research sequence. Once you have disguised yourself, enter the building and later you will arrive at the security room. When you are inside you will see some plans on the desk closest to the window, inspect the plans and you will find a key to access the 3rd floor.

Look carefully, in one of the desks is a computer with an attached code, very close to that computer there is a piece of paper. Inspect the paper to see if the key has been hidden inside the safe.

Said safe is in the corner of the room. To open it you will need the specific combination. Note that the combination can be found on the computer next to the document in the table, but there are also other 4-digit combinations in the room, so you will have to try them to discard.

Where to find the blueprints, safe code & 3rd floor key (Security Room) - Judgement

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