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Judgment Dating Tips – How to Date All Girlfriends

2019-06-26 20:54:21

Discover with us the way to have dates with all the Girlfriend in Judgment.

Judgment besides being an action and adventure videogame, it is also characterized by having the option to meet girls and even have girlfriends. That's right, as you go through the story you can start to meet girls. If you want to know how to have dates with all the Girlfriend in Judgment, you will arrive at the indicated place, because we will show you how to do it.

How to have dating with all the Girlfriend in Judgment?

The first thing you should know is that the bridal system is quite limited in Judgment, so you must work hard to get some of them, in total there are four Girlfriend with whom you can leave. Each of them is unlocked in a different way, besides the appointments go in different directions.

Below we will show you all the Girlfriend in Judgment

Sana mihama

Complete the Amidst A Dream Side case to unlock Sana Mihama as your possible girlfriend. For this you must buy your CD, listen to his music and save it from an aggressive executive. When completing the task you will have to wait for the time to pass and she will be the one to contact you, after that you can send her a message and organize an appointment.

Nanami Matsuoka

Complete the side case Smart Watching to unlock Nanami Matsuoka. After fulfilling your mission let time go by as in the previous option and she will contact you, once she does, you can answer her messages and wait for her to communicate with you again. Afterwards, meet her in the Plaza del Teatro while she plays once or twice and you can make your appointment.

Tsukino Saotome

To unlock Tsukino Saotome in Judgment you will have to complete the case of The Pervert King Side. Once you have done it, you should wait a period of time and this time it will be your brother Yosuke Saotome who will send you a message. After that you can send a message to Tsukino Saotome to formalize your appointment.


Complete The Fire Calamity Side Case (final result of a series of Side Cases for the lady who predicts calamities) to unlock Amane. When you solve it, wait a while and she will decide to communicate with you through a message, respond to your message and soon after you can take her to an appointment.

When you meet one of these girls and organize an appointment, you must look for the purple heart icon on the map to be able to move forward.

By unlocking any of the Girlfriend available in Judgment, you can go out with her. This involves some text messages before an option is opened to offer or respond to an appointment request.

Preparations before the Judgment appointment

It is recommended to go to Le Marche before attending any appointment, this in order to be able to buy a gift. Keep in mind that by choosing the gifts correctly, you can increase your level of confidence and your relationship with the girl. The more expensive the gift, the greater the confidence obtained, however, you should know that some items are not to the liking, so it is better to find only one type and go for it.

Usually each appointment requires an initial activity and then a conversation. While the activity is not very important to say, its performance is.

As for the conversations, these are all quite simple. You just have to be kind, interested in their history, pleasant and understanding.

In case you have problems with your appointment, we will show you a breakdown on the basic dating information for each bride below:

Personality of Sana Mihama in Judgment

  •     Gift: Heart Heart Ring
  •     Activities: Arcade
  •     Age: 19
  •     Work: Musician
  •     Hobbies: cooking, music.

Personality of Nanami Matsuoka in Judgment

  •     Gift: Standard watch
  •     Activities: Drone Racing
  •     First drink appointment: yes
  •     Age: 29
  •     Work: Ad / Marketing Company
  •     Hobbies: Work

Personality of Tsukino Saotome in Judgment

  •     Gift: Pearl Earrings
  •     Activities: Casino
  •     Hobbies: Drawing

Personality of Amane in Judgment

  •     Gift: Trinity Earrings
  •     Activities: Shogi
  •     Hobbies: small animals, hedgehogs and hamsters.

Make sure to invest in dating skills, since this way you can increase the bar of confidence much faster and thus have a successful appointment with any of these Girlfriend in Judgment.

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