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John Wick Hex: How to Save - tips and tricks

2019-10-10 11:11:43

Surely you are playing John Wick Hex, surely you need to know How to Save, in this guide we will give you the steps to do it.

JohnWick Hex is a game that will surprise many players, it is one of the games that will teach new and different things to the players related to a character that will be adored by the characters, his way of playing it is based on having many strategies and they will be very focused action, here we will tell you How to Save.

How to Save John Wick Hex?

Surely you are playing and you do not know How to Save, it will not be difficult to do, this game uses a single file saved in which the entire game is managed, so its way of saving is automatic, but unfortunately it will be done up to a certain limit; that is to say if you are playing an individual mission, these missions have no control or salvation point, this means that if you start one you will culminate it otherwise you will lose all your progress if you close the game. There is no way to avoid it in John Wick Hex, but the good thing is that they are short missions of only a few minutes, you just have to complete it and if there is a problem and you must retire you must start it again.

But not everything is bad luckily the smaller missions of JohnWick Hex, will be automatically saved without losing progress in case of leaving the game, and will be maintained throughout its general level, once you have completed a mission before leaving the game, He will present you with a set of levels and each one has its missions that you must fulfill in each one of them. You should keep in mind that you can play the previous levels whenever you want but unfortunately your progress will be restored and you will stay where you have chosen to play again, so you should know How to Save.

So the concerns of How to Save will do it automatically, but you should be careful since you could lose important progress in turecorrido, make sure you complete each mission at one hundred percent of each level, and avoid reproducing it again one level or you will lose everything achieved in higher levels.

Thank you for following our guides, we hope that you have got answers to your concerns in John Wick Hex, you know how to save your game, do not forget that if you repeat a lower level the upper levels will be deleted and you will have to do them again, and if you leave a mission in Progress you will have to start it again.

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