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John Wick Hex: How to heal - tips and tricks

2019-10-10 13:06:23

In the game John Wick Hex you will receive many wounds and blows that will lower your health, in this guide we will tell you How to heal when you need it.

If you are playing John Wick Hex you will have noticed that you receive damage from many lost bullets, this causes your health to decrease considerably, for this reason you need to know the way to heal and make your health be restored, here we will tell you how to do it.

How to heal in John Wick Hex?

How to heal is very simple to make this game, the only thing you need to have available to heal you in the moment is a bandage, but unfortunately it is one of the most difficult elements to get in the game, you can start each of the levels with two bandages available, of this way when you receive a damage you can use them immediately, you just have to get a little away from the danger to a safe place and do your cure, once secured from the danger click on the bandage option, you will only get it at the bottom of the screen.

Curing yourself in John Wick Hex is not so instantaneous for what it will take a little while, you have to wait for the timeline shown on the screen to complete, however you must be alert to attack if an intruder appears while you are healing, but you must have Enough bandages should not settle for just the two at the beginning of each level.

bandages in John Wick Hex

Unfortunately it is not so easy to get extra bandages, once you have spent the initial bands if you do not have extra available everything will get complicated in the game, some stages of the game can give you by default, but as you go along you will have to hide your bandages by spending your coins. When you start each of the levels you have the option of planning your mission, you have two ways of doing one of them by spreading a general impulse, the second is hiding elements in individual missions within the general level of John Wick Hex.

If you were presented with a problem in one of the previous races, there is the possibility that you will get some tickets in that place or also in a previous mission, without these bands there will be no other way of How to heal in the game. We recommend you to explore each one of the places of each mission until you get them, once you see one you must arrive where you are and pick it up. We regret not having more information about it.

Once again thank you for visiting us, we hope that our guide of John Wick Hex has been useful to you, now you know How to heal in case of receiving any damage, remember to use your bandages only when necessary, do not forget that you only have two in each level and Getting extras is quite difficult.

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