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We welcome you to our Iron Man VR guide where we will talk to you about How to fire off  unibeam.

  We find the gameplay in Iron Man VR interesting, due to the absolute control we can have, now it is one of the most outstanding movements of this character, it is the unibeam, it is something that can have a lot of difficulty in handling, which leads us to have the support of this guide to explain how to shoot the unibeam, pay close attention below.

What should we know about unibeam in Iron Man VR?

There are adaptation difficulties for the PS Move certainly, even for those who have had a great experience, despite the fact that we have the same patterns to follow to get used to in this game, due to the strange method of firing this attack, there are many details to consider and that we will know if we continue with this reading, so let's do it.

How to fire off unibeam in Iron Man VR?

We need to hold down the triangle of the left movement control and also the square of the right control at the same time, which allows us to perform the unibeam, the most powerful attack that Iron Man has, before the game was launched we have With this movement in a combat challenge, where it had to be loaded first, now that we are in the game in its entirety it is possible to use it in missions whatever, only it depends on a load time, this happens automatically without doing anything, then the firing of the unibeam will be possible to where we are seeing.

The usefulness of this attack is precise when we find ourselves in compromising situations, it is capable of sweeping several enemies, that is why there is a trophy that rewards the elimination of 12 enemies with a single attack from the unibeam, for this we must hope that the necessary number of enemies are accumulating, when the attack is loaded, we only look to find the direction in which the 12 enemies are at least before the beam is fired, there is also another trophy that eliminates a total of 50 enemies with this attack, which will surely be easy with such magnitude of power, there have been countless bad and good critics from many sides, what undermines this game is how repetitive it can be, but it is worth it for our experience.

 Finally, now that we know how to fire off unibeam, we can complete some objectives and have fun at the same time with Iron Man VR.

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