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In this new opportunity we are going to talk about iPhone, focusing the explanation on How to transfer data from your old phone, let's see.

Why transfer data from your old iPhone phone?

There is the possibility with the arrival of the new version of our iPhone 12 device that we seek to transfer data in order to preserve them, to do this there are different ways through the cable that we connect to our Mac or iTunes on our PC, even With the help of iCloud, in order to have an idea of ​​How to transfer data from your old phone, let's consider the following details.

How to transfer data from your old phone in iPhone?

With our new iPhone we must make a series of adjustments, to take into account what is necessary in terms of How to transfer data from your old phone, let's see the following steps:


  •  We choose our language on the new device.
  • We give in continue in the pop-up window.
  • We scan the image that appears on our new device.
  • We enter the access code of our new device.

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    What we will do later considering the objective of solving How to transfer data from your old phone to our new iPhone we configure Touch ID or Face ID and with the following steps:


    •  With the most recent compatible backup we will do a restoration on the new device.
    • Restore can be performed from iCloud or iTunes by choosing this option on the device, setting it up, or transferring data from an Android device.
    • We accept the terms and conditions.
    • We give in to continue with the adjustments focused on Siri, we look for the device, when we find it we go on to the analysis of what was transferred to the new device.
    • We continue with the configuration process.


     For the solution of How to transfer data from your old phone we will now do the following:


    •  In the old device we go to the settings
    • We enter the Apple ID banner
    • In iCloud
    • ICloud Backup
    • In now
    • When the backup is complete we turn it off
    • We remove the SIM card from the old device and place it in the new one
    • Before continuing, wait for the backup to complete


     Following the steps that will lead to our purpose of solving How to transfer data from your old phone to our new iPhone we have to follow the steps below:


    •  With the device off we are going to place the SIM card.
    • We turn on the new device.
    • We go to the start button of the device
    • We choose the language and the Wi-Fi network configuration
    • We restore the iCloud backup
    • We log in to iCloud
    • We give you the following and accept on two continuous occasions
    • We choose the backup


     With the use of macOs Catalina it is also possible to solve How to transfer data from your old phone to our new iPhone and for this we will do the following steps:


    •  We connect the old device in maCOS Catalina
    • We enter the Finder icon in the Dock to open a new window
    • On the device we will give you the locations
    • If you ask for confirmation of trust, we accept it on the device.
    • We give you in verification to encrypt local backup.
    • We create a password when it is the first time and we give it a backup now.
    • We skip the applications and if it is downloaded we wait to disconnect the old device.
    • We turn it off to take out the SIM card after we have completed the backup.
    • We put the SIM card in the new device and then turn it on.
    • We connect it to the Mac and go to the configuration on the device.
    • We start with the choice of language and the wi-fi network.
    • We choose restore from Mac or PC and we give in our new device for the locations in the Finder window.
    • We restore the backup in the Finder of our Mac and choose from the list that appears, then continue.
    • We enter the password if the backup was protected.

    Among the different options we have that the data transfer to our new device can be done with macOS Mojave and previous versions with the following steps:


    •  Be assured of having the most current iTunes
    • Connect the old device to our Mac or Windows PC and start iTunes.
    • Once the device is displayed, we click on it.
    • You have to enter the backup encryption and for the first time you must enter a password and we now enter the backup copy.
    • We skip the backup apps if necessary and unplug the old device and turn it off.
    • We take out the SIM from the device when the backup is completed.
    • We put the SIM in the new device and turn it on.
    • We connect the new device to our Mac or Windows PC and go to its configuration.
    • We follow the indications of the language and the wi-fi network.
    • We choose the restoration from the iTunes backup and we choose to do it on our Mac or Windows PC by choosing this option.
    • From the list we choose the recent backup and continue, if we had the backup protected we enter the password.


     The transfer process may take some time, it needs to be completed in its entirety, the corresponding downloads to be completed as well, and it all depends on the amount of data, which includes music and applications.

     We can conclude that knowing how to transfer data from your old phone is easier than thought if we follow these instructions, which allows us to enjoy our new iPhone.

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