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2021-03-12 08:39:26

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Instagram has managed to become an interesting platform and therefore it is convenient to talk to you about how to Get Verified

What does it mean to get verified at Instagram?

The sole possibility of getting verified is really favorable, as this usually presents some type of incidence in relation to the seriousness that we can contribute, in this sense knowing how to obtain verification is shown as a necessary action, as some businesses require it because This makes them more confident.

We must consider that knowing how to Get Verified is a very complex matter, as it is not necessarily available to everyone, since the mere possibility of having that blue icon in Instagram is synonymous with status, and with this the process is carried out To avoid identity theft, so to speak, in this sense, verification makes social and professional life simply usually produce a favorable change for us and that we can well appreciate.
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    How to Get Verified in Instagram?

     It is good to know that this verification process is an interesting matter, as this leads us to a single answer and that is that Instagram has managed to take some time in order to check that the person behind a certain account is actually true, and to give it to know everyone, only a blue icon is usually shown in said hundred.

    To know how to Get Verified, it is necessary to consider that with this we achieve some benefits, and we will detail them below:

    Placing yourself in the highest search position: this is an interesting option with which we get by having our Instagram account verified, because when a user usually searches we usually appear in the first search results according to certain criteria, so that knowing how to get verified gets us on the suggestion list.

    We managed to test new functions: another interesting option to be verified in Instagram is the possibility of receiving a particular treatment, which implies that when there are new functionalities for this platform, we will be the first to test them.

    Obtain sponsorship offers: there is the possibility of getting some sponsorship offers from recognized brands and that in a certain way are usually associated with influencers, since it is a favorable advantage to know how to Get Verified, this considering that it is only Instagram one of platforms that often function as a marketing channel and are well worth taking advantage of.

    Becoming an opinion leader: the mere possibility of having our Instagram account verified offers us the opportunity to be trustworthy, because with any content we will be the first to turn to, it is convenient to tell you that not necessarily all users are verifiable, since these icons They are usually selective because it is vital to have some requirements for this process in Instagram and they are the following:


    •  The account must be unique to the person or business.
    • We must follow the terms of use and guidelines of Instagram.
    • We must have a public account, which means having a biography, photos and publications.
    • Knowing how to get verified should make us understand that this is not usually associated with popular meme accounts or funny photos.


     Now, considering that the details described above are vital and usually affect the object of knowing how to obtain verification, it is necessary to consider these steps to follow to achieve it in Instagram:


    •  Access Instagram from our Smartphone.
    • Then we must go to our profile page.
    • Then we must select "menu"
    • Then we select "Settings"
    • We proceed to select "Account"
    • Then we must scroll down in order to select "Request verification".
    • Choose to fill out the application, attach a photo of our ID.
    • Proceed to "Send" and wait a while because there is no deadline, in case of being rejected we can carry out this action again after 30 days.

    Getting the verification is simply favorable and for this it is necessary to have some tricks, these are:

    Increase followers, in addition to commitment: Many associate verification with fame and this does not necessarily happen this way, so knowing how to Get Verified leads us to have a number of followers, which makes the account searched a good number of times, and it can apply.

     Choosing to personalize the publications: this is a very favorable detail and this allows us to have the possibility of being eligible to be verified, because here we can well promote and personalize a brand that can identify us which will make many users interested in following us when they recognize the unique personality.

    Choosing to get a check mark approved: this is a necessary action, since getting this blue icon can take some time, in addition to having to deal with hackers, as well as impostors, as these affect our growth in a highly negative way, since achieving verification implies effort and perseverance.

    Build a presence outside of Instagram: when we manage to be mentioned in other social media it can be much easier to get verification, for this we can use platforms such as blogs where we can publish and that this allows us to become known, being precisely a type of requirement to get verification.

     In this sense, knowing how to Get Verified allows us to have the possibility of publicizing some art or occupation that we can do, since Instagram allows us to publicize many interesting activities.

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