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Today we bring a Hyenas guide where we will talk about All playable characters.

What does it mean to know all playable characters in Hyenas?

  Having the opportunity to meet the characters with whom we can play in this multiplayer shooting game and where we can get maps that are full enough of loot, to the point that we will be involved in fighting to get the most loot, especially everything, taking into account that the objectives here are nothing more than vaults that are usually full of pop culture products and that the map where we are immersed is a large spaceship.

What are all playable characters in Hyenas?

  • The PRO: This is an Engage character that can be adjusted to the aggressive archetype, in this case, it is usually intended to eliminate AI enemies and why not, enemy players, Pro usually wears a Nixon mask and has the ability to deploy automatic turrets, but that's not all, he carries a shotgun himself.
  • Hotfix: This is also added to the list of All Playable Characters, we don't know which archetype he usually belongs to, however, it is known that this character tends to perceive the world around him and uses some phrases regularly, some are witty and they tend to break immersion deliberately.
  • Commander Wright: this is another character that is usually present in Hyenas and has the quality of making use of his environment to weaken enemies and get support for the squad, he usually makes use of a foam that is quite similar to the Gloo Cannon, the It is often used to create various makeshift platforms and barriers, allowing you to assist teammates by obstructing enemies.


 It should be noted that these are not the only characters, but the ones we know to date, taking into account that it is a small sketch because this game is scheduled to be released in 2023 and by this time, more details may emerge. of interest.

 Now that you know all the playable characters, you can have a notion about what Hyenas has in store for everyone.

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