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This time we return with a Hunting Simulator 2 guide aiming to explain how to carry weapons.

What to know about carry weapons in Hunting Simulator 2?

Being prepared is of vital importance when hunting, so it is important that we carry all kinds of weapons and ammunition, being in the game we will only handle one weapon, which makes us want to know how to carry weapons and in this guide we will find the necessary answers, you just have to pay close attention to the content presented here from this moment, so let's do it.

How to carry weapons in Hunting Simulator 2?

In the cabin hunting store, we will be able to buy new items and equipment, we just have to go to clothes, we choose the backpack section, and with the item on the right it is possible to carry an extra weapon, from the very beginning of the game, it is possible to purchase the 2500 Kryptek Highlander Carbine or the Hone Krytek Highlander, with any one it is possible that we carry the extra weapon, then we can go to the weapons rooms and establish our carry, here we will get additional slots, where the new and optical weapons we will have to buy them where appropriate in the store, now if we want to carry out a change of cargo while hunting, it is possible to do it in a cabin or store that are present on the map, so we have access to our cargo and We will make the appropriate changes between weapons and ammunition.

 We hope that the information detailed here on How to carry weapons has been useful to have fun in Hunting Simulator 2.

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