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Hunt Showdown: How to Clean Weapons - tips and tricks

2019-08-29 20:30:25

Hunt Showdown, it is a survival game so you need to have the weapons in excellent condition, in this guide we will give you some tips for you to learn to clean weapons.

Like many of the Hunt Showdown games, it's about shots, deaths, survivals and it becomes moments in something scary since you have to hunt the players or else you will be hunted. Now so that everything looks more like the real world the game has made a deterioration to the weapons according to the battlefield. So you need to know how to clean weapons.

How to clean weapons in Hunt Showdown

You should know that at the beginning you will have impeccable weapons fully operational. The more you play this game you will be much more likely to get the way to clean the weapons you have at your disposal. You should know that weapons get dirty and deteriorate according to use whether they knock you down, revive you or if you get them from dead enemies.

Unfortunately when you have finished the game your weapons are not cleaned automatically, on the contrary you will have to do it yourself and if you do not it will be damaged by dirt and its useful life will be exhausted. If you don't know how to do it, we have good news for you to clean when you have finished a game.

Every time you finish a game on Hunt Showdown, you have to check that your weapon has blood stains, the amount of stains will tell you if you did the fight well, being so you just have to access the menu and clean all the weapons you own. Keep in mind that dirty weapons make a lot of difference compared to smuggled weapons. Smuggling weapons are what you get from your enemies or take them away from other characters in the game, these weapons will usually have a defect.

o it at theWithout more to add in this guide of Hunt Showdown, we hope that it has been useful and you can clean weapons, remember that if you do not d end of each game, they will be increasingly dirty and deteriorated.

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