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Today, we bring you a guide on How to score penalties in FIFA 23.

What to know about penalties in FIFA 23?

It is something that can be tedious to do in the game, present in the different game options, only that for this new installment of FIFA this turns out to be simplified with the purpose of a better experience, which leads us to look for answers in Regarding How to score penalties in FIFA 23 and to support us we have this guide with the following content, let's see.

How to score penalties in FIFA 23?

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    The change with the greatest impact is in the composure of the player, with a more detailed system we have the presence of a composure bar in the shape of a circle, the fundamentals that have been modified are related to the aim, power and composure, in terms of How scoring penalties in FIFA 23 it is possible to determine the level of power and accuracy of the shots with the use of the composure ring, depending on the index that the player himself possesses.

    While the composure is higher, there will be greater possibilities of achieving the optimum of the ring, when the ring is at the smallest point it is the right moment to make the shot, if we miss and because the ring will look very large, with the use From the joystick we manage the direction of the kick, highlighting that the reticule has been eliminated, depending entirely on the composure ring in part and the direction will be under our control.

    What we will do then is seen that the composure circle is surrounding the ball, at the smallest point we shoot for greater precision, with the use of the left joystick we manage the direction of the shot, depending on the power and the composure ring, not You will see in this installment the need to press the fire button once the shot has been made.

    Finally, now that we know how to score penalties in FIFA 23 we can go ahead with this new installment of an incredible game.

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