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How to get SMEARGLE in Pokémon GO?

2019-02-26 21:10:01

Pokémon Go players receive good news, as all those who are level 5 and above, will be able to access the additional surprise of a new Pokémon if they use the recent AR photo mode of the game. The Pokémon that has finally arrived is Smeargle Gen 2, the elusive painter that was missing for many players to complete the Pokédex of the Johto region in the mobile game of Niantic.

While players use the Go Snapshot feature to take pictures of one of their Pokémon, Smeargle can make a surprise appearance in some of the images, according to the Pokémon Serebii website. Once you photograph a Pokémon, the painter will appear at the bottom of the screen, and just after that you can exit the mode to venture to capture this new Pokémon that will already be waiting for you on the map.

If you manage to have a photo where this peculiar painter appears, you will obtain a Photo Bomb medal. On the other hand, the most important thing is that everything seems to indicate that thanks to the skill that Smeargle possesses, when it is photographed it will have the same movements as the Pokémon to which the photograph was destined.

This is because, among the main line of the Pokémon, Smeargle has the peculiarity that he can only learn one movement every 10 levels, which is called: Sketch. This movement allows the painter to copy permanently the last movement used by the opponent, this means that Smeargle is able to learn any type of attack from another Pokémon.

How to get SMEARGLE?

So, you must take into account that Pokémon you will choose to photograph, because it depends on the skills that Smeargle will copy.

The Go Snapshot function can be used as long as the player reaches the required level, but once it is obtained, the mode can be used at any time, simply select the camera in the item bag. All those photos that are taken to a Pokémon will be saved automatically on the mobile device, something that allows fans to share the snapshots with their friends and on social networks.

Niantic has also added the Gen 3 legendary Pokémon Latias for a limited time in the Pokémon Go, due to the special Raid event. A new item will also be added: Team Medallion, which allows players to change teams.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Pokémon series, Niantic will present a special event this week from February 26 to 28, for the Day of the Pokémon. In this event the participants will find special versions of Pikachu, Eevee, Pidgey and Rattata.