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The errors do not stop appearing in the games, let's see How to Fix Error Code VAL 19 Valorant

What is VAL 19 error code in Valorant?

  This is another of the inconveniences that we get in this game and that is usually shown as a message that says "There was an error connecting to the platform". "Restart your game client", so it is necessary to know How to Fix Error Code Valorant VAL 19, however, we must make it clear that this is a Riot Client issue and solving it can become a bit complex, for our good Fortunately we can try some temporary solutions and to talk to you about it we are here.

How to Fix Error Code VAL 19 Valorant?

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    Restart the Riot Client: This is the first action to be carried out and for many players it usually solves this problem.

     Restart the PC: This is another of the temporary solutions that we can execute, this is because Windows can disable Riot's Vanguard anti-cheat process, especially it tends to occur more regularly in the case of limited RAM.

     Eliminate all Riot processes: this is another of the actions to execute and in this case we will eliminate the processes included in Riot Vanguard, to do so we must:


    •  We must right click on the taskbar to select Task Manager.
    • We will see all the processes with the Riot Games or Valorant logo and we only have to right click on each program to select End task.


     Install Riot Client and Valorant once again:
    this is one last action to execute to solve this error, for this we must:


    •  Go to the Windows search taskbar and we will type Riot Client.
    • We will search for Riot Client and select Uninstall in the menu to launch Valorant.
    • Riot Client should reinstall automatically.


     We can conclude this guide on How to fix Valorant VAL 19, so you can apply any of these solutions and continue playing.

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