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The número privado is simply a serious issue, however, it is necessary to tell you how to find out who called you from a private number in a número privado.

What is the número privado option used for?

 Some people are usually interested in making calls, but not being identified, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to find out who called you from a private number a número privado, since it is not exactly the most pleasant thing to receive calls from a stranger, since this is usually done. Some people to avoid being identified.

 To know how to find out who called you from a private number, it is necessary to be aware of the realities that exist today, and it is that some users usually make use of the "No Caller I'd" function to avoid being identified, although it is true that Some people have the “Truecaller” application to track calls from a número privado, this is not necessarily favorable, since nowadays, there are methods to hide numbers.

 To use the No Caller ID function, you only have to write * 67 before the mobile number that is being dialed and this makes it difficult to be traced, especially it tends to be a delicate matter to call from a número privado because today by today this usually lends itself to many irregularities.

How to find out who called you from a private number, a número privado?

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Currently, there are two options that can perfectly well be applied, and they are:

Contact your network service provider:

The most logical and normal thing is that network providers record all calls, in the same way, the details related to the person who usually calls, this because they usually assign an anonymous caller ID, this is usually done to each person who can to get in touch with us, it is necessary to activate this service to get the company to force all users to reveal their identity in order to call us and therefore there is no way to receive a call from a número privado.

Once we activate the identified service in the network services company, nobody can call us from a número privado, since when dialing it will ask:

  • Full name.
  • Direction.
  • Date and time we received the call.

Choose to use the application to discover the caller ID: this turns out to be an excellent option, since it allows us to have the possibility of revealing the identity of the person who usually calls, in such a way that knowing How to find out who called you from a private number a número privado us leads to consider:

 Use TrapCall:

This application is usually very favorable in the case that the user who is trying to call us uses No Caller ID, it allows us to discover him and therefore block him so that he cannot call from the number he has dialed, this simply means that these numbers will be placed in a kind of black list, and when this action occurs, the user who is on the other side, will not have access to make calls, but this does not stop here, we are allowed to receive information related to the número privado that is trying to mark us.

 It should be noted that private numbers are usually hidden and unknown, to the point that this could translate into details that may involve possible harassment, however, there are some users that telemarketers use to contact different people related to product marketing, which may be an illegal function of applying marketing, although it is true, they may believe that they will never be caught, in which case they contact us it is usually necessary to block these numbers, this can make a difference and perhaps avoid us having a bitter drink.

In this sense, knowing how to find out who called you from a private number a número privado allows us to have the possibility of protecting ourselves, given that today we are all vulnerable and there are unscrupulous users who use a número privado to access personal information and more.

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