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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Get the Best Weapons

2019-07-11 20:28:59

Getting the best weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn involves knowing the levels of rarity which are classified by colors. The color green is the most common level of rarity and from there it goes climbing until it reaches the purple color which is the highest level of rarity.

It is this opportunity we are going to tell you how to get the best weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn, so that you are prepared when making your selection.

How to get the best weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn.

To get the best weapons of common rarity levels in Horizon Zero Dawn, do not make much effort, these weapons can be found normally in nature. But of course you did not come here to get the most common weapons, no, but to get the best weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Get the best weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn will allow you to have several types of ammunition with different levels of power allowing you to have more versatility as required by the enemy, plus you can make many more changes to common weapons.

But get the best weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn have to have a good amount of metal fragments and machine cores, keep in mind that to get the best weapons you will have to buy them from the time when Aloy arrives at the market. city ​​of Meridian, so you'll have to venture to get the necessary amount according to the weapon you want to buy.

And before you ask yourself how many hearts and fragments of metal you need to buy these or get the best weapons, we tell you that we have prepared a list in which we will tell you what you need to get the best weapons.

List of the best weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Shadow Ropecaster, 500 metal fragments + 1 Snapmaw Heart.
Fire fights to tie and immobilize machines.

Base classification of 150 damage by tear.

Shadow Ropecaster, is not exactly an infallible in the game, but it is one of the best weapons you can get.

Sling shadow, requires 650 metal fragments + 1 fire to be achieved.

The Shadow Hunter Bow, is one of the most profitable common bows in the game, you only need 650 metal fragments + 1 Watcher Heart to get it.

To get the Shadow Tripcaster, you will need 750 metal fragments + 1 Scrapper Heart. This weapon starts with shock traps, but you will need explosive traps and fire to be able to face bigger objectives.

Shadow War Bow, is a weapon of little power, but is capable of firing environmental charges. requires 800 metal fragments + 1 Trampler Hearts of Fire to be achieved.
Arrows of shock, freezing and corruption.

Shadow Sharpshot, 800 Shards + 1 Sawtooth Heart Fires Hardpoint, Tearblast, and Harvest Arrows.

This is one of the most powerful rare weapons there is, it is capable of inflicting crushing amounts of damage despite not being very fast.

Shadow Rattler, 950 fragments + 1 board skin + 1 rabbit skin + 1 standard fox skin fire, hits and freezing. This is the best rare weapon in the game, it is a machine gun type and has the ability to inflict much more damage than the previous one because of this its price.

Shadow Blast Sling - 1400 Shards + 1 Lancehorn Heart
Fires Explosive and proximity pumps. This weapon is capable of producing a huge impact and great damage in the area in which it impacts.

This is the way to get the best weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn