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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Find the Power Cells

2019-07-12 18:11:26

Let's start by commenting that Aloy requires a lot of luck to get the old armor in Horizon Zero Dawn, but still needs a lot more luck to find the Power Cells and it is they who release the old armor that they have placed in the much better programmed game.

Here is the location of the old armor in Horizon Zero Dawn.
Check the map, you will notice that to the east there is a bunker exactly in the center of the Mother's Embrace. On the other hand it is important to get the marker of ruins and we can get it by the southwest located in a strider area, likewise finally on the northwest side you will see a vendor.

It is important to get to the ruin but for this you must climb a couple of rocks and there you will get a hole in the top of them, well now throw yourself into the hole, quiet that the fall should not be cause to worry because, in the background you will find accumulated water; In another order of ideas we mentioned how you were in the hunting of metal flowers and you should know the location of the old armor in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Well, the old armor is a little beyond where the metal flower is, then just swim a little bit ahead of there you will find a special armor which is just behind a glass this has a locking system that is find the right side to be allowed to enter the cells of power.

In this sense, this is the beginning of the search for the old armory as well as the beginning to find the Cells of Power, really it is not easy because in the map we are not shown any of it and at the same time you will need the five cells to to be able to acquire the armor on the other hand it is necessary to make clear that the game does not count on alternatives like so that the extras are hidden.

Meanwhile, when we start looking for them, it indicates that we need only 2 cells of power, but as we move from one side to the other and advance to a door, once we reach the second door, we are told that we should count on the other 3 additional cells in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Where to find the cells of power?

As you move forward and look for the cells of power you should keep in mind that some things such as that first in your HUD may appear green collections this is shown being close to a power cell; in turn you will notice that they can be obtained in bunker or in ruins since they are old.

As we already managed to find the power cells globally, we will now see the specific location of each one.

first power cell Location

The first power cell is obtained in the bunker that is at the beginning of the game, that is to say where Aloy finds its purpose, as you will know this does not happen when it is small, because it manages to achieve it when it makes its second visit, then mobilize for the place there to a group of stalactites that are generating a blockage in a door the way to exterminate them is with the spear, what you will do is crush them and cross the door, there the cell awaits you in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Second power cell Location

The second cell can be found in All Mother Mountain, this is the place where Aloy wakes up in a slightly different way after the test and this makes her feel that she misses her complete equipment, it is there in that room where absolutely all her team is also the cell just visualize the panorama and finding a closed door see that there is an opening on the left side to access and grab the second cell, you see that we are moving forward where you will find the cells of power.

Third power cell Location

The third cell can be found in Grave Hoard, it is located in the northeast of the map, move inside the ruin, kill the opponents you are in, because several will be waiting for you in this place, then you will notice that there is another door and this of 3 locks, in that sense you should see that there is a certain box ?, well, there is exactly the cell, well, little by little we are solving the issue of finding the cells of Power in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Fourth power cell Location

The fourth cell is located at the end of the creator is the place where Aloy ends his search and learns the origin of the machines, which are in the meeting room in ruins, look east to the conference table there you will notice that there are rocks that serve to climb and therefore you can reach over the door, continue climbing, until you reach the top and you will see that at the end of the Horizon Zero Dawn cell.

Fifth power cell Location

The fifth cell we can find it looking for in the mountain that fell, what you have to do is go down the stairs where this Lighthouse is talking to the scientists, there you will notice a secret low road through it, and it will take you directly to the tunnels that go towards the mountain, you must continue and finally you will see a closet, there will be the number cell waiting for you.

If you go step by step you may realize that it is not that difficult at the end of everything to find the cells of Power in Horizon Zero Dawn.

On the other hand we will focus on another issue and is to release the old armor in Horizon Zero Dawn, well, as we have all the cells of power we must return to the ruins exactly where you saw the special armor that is behind the glass for which you will simply have to connect the first 2 cells of energy in the dark dials, likewise the code to release the door asks to be visualized a little more to the right in reality they are hours of the day, only that generally they should be listed as the military time, because that is the correct way to orient ourselves in the senses from above, below, to the right, to the left, it is great what we have achieved in finding the cells of Power.

Then in the next room to be specific the second there you will have to connect the remaining 3 cells, in this case the sequence code should be listed as angles this is the correct way to accommodate the holograms in the right, left, up, down direction.

Now feel happy because you have already achieved the old armor with the detail of at first to find the power cells in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Now leave us your comments on this post where we discussed how to find the cells of Power in Horizon Zero Dawn.