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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Find All the Tallnecks

2019-07-11 22:20:26

 One of the questions most asked by Horizon Zero Dawn players is how to find all the Tallnecks. For those who still do not know, find all Horizon Zero Dawn Tallnecks reward you with a good booty of XP and will allow you several sections of the map that remained hidden.

We have already been researching how to find all the Tallnecks and we have achieved it, there are a total of 5 and so you can also find all the Horizon Zero Dawn Tallnecks we have prepared this Horizon Zero Dawn guide quite well detailed so you know exactly what to do

How to find all Tallnecks of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Finding the Tallnecks is not exactly a very complicated task, they tend to walk in a circle that is so large that it is easy to climb them stealthily so as not to be detected by the machines and end up in a complicated battle. The Tallnecks move around an immense structure, do not stand up because in this way the machines will be able to detect you. You will have to find a platform that goes to the central structure to reach it and jump on the back of the Tallneck, then you will have to go up to the head and cancel it to get the XP points and discover the map.

Where to find all the Horizon Zero Dawn Tallnecks.

    Where to find all Horizon Zero Dawn Tallnecks - Devil's Thirst.

To find this Tallneck, you will have to go to the northern part of the main door of the hug where you can find a ruined building, which you will have to enter by evading the few machines that you will see. Find the scalable wall to reach the platform and jump over the Tallneck at the right time.

    Where to find all the Horizon Zero Dawn Tallnecks - Steps of sun.

This Tallneck is in a fortress surrounded by bandits and not machines, but there will also be Corruptors at the level of the next, so you'll have to be stealthy when fighting the bandits. You will have to work your way up to the wooden structures that are nearby and jump to find the Tallneck. Once you get it out of there as fast as you can to not be detected.

    Where to find all the Tallnecks of Horizon Zero Dawn - Rustwash.

This Tallneck is heavily guarded next to Gatelands Bandit Camp, east of Meridian so you'll have to be stealthy to avoid being noticed. In case you are seen you will have to jump to the platform near the Tallneck and run around the rock structures until you leave the trenches so that a good part of the machines that guard you leave you.

    Where to find all Tallnecks of Horizon Zero Dawn - Spearshafts.

This Tallneck is walking around a cliff, so you'll have to find outlets that you can go through to get to the top where you'll find some Longlegs, but you can use the grass to hide and not be detected.

Use the cancellations to remove them from the photo, you will have to do this with any Longlegs and wait for the right moment to launch yourself on the Tellneck.

Horizon Zero Dawn - All Tallneck Locations

    Where to find all Horizon Zero Dawn Tallnecks - Copper Deeps.

Head to the southwestern side of the map and a little to the southeast of Meridian to go through the water, being careful not to run into any Snapmaws. Head to the cliffs and climb, eliminate the Glinthawks and wait for the right moment to jump over the Tallneck.

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