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The action in Hitman 3 continues, you need to know Where to find the entrance to the homeless shelter and will be covered in details here.

What to know about Hitman 3?

There is a mission that requires finding the homeless shelter, in order to obtain information we must mix, so a costume is the perfect screen, so knowing where to find the entrance to the homeless shelter is necessary and the details Next content will help us in this regard, let's see.
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    Where to find the entrance to the homeless shelter in Hitman 3?

    With the disguise we are going to infiltrate the shelter, we have to go to Yuzhong Square in the center of the map, then arrived at this place, in case of not achieving it it is ideal to consider the following aspects:

    •  Locate the entrance to the shelter
    • In Yuzhong Square we have to go through the first alley on the right, it is marked on the map if we do not notice it
    • We climbed the stairs to the top
    • The refuge is the building on the corner, with the disguise we can enter through the main door, if we will do so through the exterior windows

     The next thing is to enter with the disguise through the security control point, then we go after a guard to the floor that follows, seeing where we can be processed, and we continue with the mission in this area, getting collectibles and many things in support of the mission power to complete.

     So we come to the end of this guide on Where to find the entrance to the homeless shelter, hoping that you can get the best out of Hitman 3.

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