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Certain game genres have also been relevant in society. For instance, the likes of shooters, racing games, and sports games will always have their place as exciting, captivating, and engaging genres to play. For some games though, that relevance has relied on continued reinvention in order to stay popular. It is worth noting though that bingo acts as an ideal case study in proving that games based around tension have remained relevant.

Bingo in itself is one of the most classic examples of tension in games. This game involves many players all competing for one specific goal and that one call could change the course of an entire game. As time has passed, the game has undergone several reinventions. Indeed, the very nature of bingo culture remains relevant as years pass and society progresses.

One way that the game has kept itself tense and interesting is by transitioning online, as portrayed through the case study of one of the most popular online bingo sites By becoming available online, it has opened players to plenty more variations of bingo. This is opposed to simply just choosing which version of the game they wish to play. It has added a certain degree of variety that was not present in the past and in turn contributed to the reinvention of bingo as the new theming can also be applied to other contexts or has itself been applied into bingo from somewhere else. Each variety of game will have its own rules and styles, appealing to different types of players.

Much like bingo’s own reinvention, there have also been other games that have been around for decades that remain relevant. For example, the Mortal Kombat series is one that has seen its own transition into other forms of media. What started as an original fantasy fighting game has since become a smash hit over the last thirty or so years. Now, the game is on its 11th, along with several comics and movies. 2021 has seen the release of a new Mortal Kombat movie, some twenty-five years after Mortal Kombat: Annihilation released back in 1997, as reviewed at

The fact is that games themselves have also been popular in a more general sense such as in the case of real-time and turn-based strategy titles. These genres have blossomed as the gaming world has seen enhancements in graphical and processing power. Without such, remasters of the likes of Age of Empires would not have occurred, which on their rerelease opened up a new generation to a game that had already been popular for over a decade. It is a testament to the sustained relevance of such a game that the fourth game is under development, more details of which can be found at This will not only keep those devoted to the series playing but also introduce even more new people into the fold just like Bingo has experienced.

Tension games, whether it's bingo or not, look to have become even more relevant in the modern age where there are plenty more opportunities for the games to sustain status. With reboots and merchandising part of the reinvention process, it ensures these games remain popular.
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