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The articles in Hellpoint are simply interesting and necessary which allows us to talk about How to unlock the architect's armor set, let's see.

Exactly Who is the Architect in Hellpoint?

In this game, action, fiction and dark style play an important role, since they make it a somewhat strange but interesting combination, since the idea is to achieve development in an adventure where we travel through a space that has been left in ruins and only It depends on the deities, because in the middle of it it is possible to talk about the architect who is nothing more than a character that we will meet on our journey through Hellpoint and with it it is possible to know how to unlock the architect's armor, understanding that this is a robotic NPC who can become like a friend.
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    How to unlock architect armor set in Hellpoint?

    For this, it is necessary to consider the possibility of eliminating some quite annoying enemies, good ones we get when we are just starting this game, because our search takes place in the first instance through the dirty and narrow streets where we will have to fight a bit with the bosses in the District Sohn, after defeating them, it is necessary to go to a space that with the naked eye can be seen as a space port and this is where we get the architect specifically in the control room, the good thing about all this is that we have more than one option available when We did it, we can choose to help him get to his workshop, we can talk to him about many interesting topics or we can even kill him, they are all available but we can choose in Hellpoint the one that we consider feasible.

    The options mentioned above and that are important when it comes to knowing how to unlock the architect's armor because it allows us to do more than one activity specifically with the architect, can be obtained through some particular fragments in the game such as writings, glyphs, books , and here we are facing an abundant amount of all of them and we can only access them when we have learned about the main story of the game.

    Choosing to help the architect allows us to access the bowels on an adventure and for this it will be necessary to use the elevator, because it is vital to access another area that is directly connected to the Sohn district in Hellpoint, here it is important to consider that possibly we why do the work alone, since the architect specifically will be stopped and this is particularly due to the fact that it has a rather clumsy AI, it can easily die and this simply leads us to reload our salvo which can be done by pressing Alt F4, to return to the spaceport where we have previously saved.

    That the birds of prey manage to eliminate the architect is very simple since he is quite weak and can occur when we go through the dark tunnels to go to the elevator, which must be taken to reach the three-door room, since our task to know How to unlock the architect's armor allows us to work a little and this implies the need to take a break, as this will serve to take advantage of the occasion and eliminate some mobs after talking to the architect for the first time, however, talking to him a second time. This time it will make it run towards door 1 which is nothing more than an exit that will take us to the Sohn District, because this hidden door requires a secret room code that is nothing more than an eye pattern in Hellpoint.

    Door 1 leads us to a space where we will see many piranhas, the idea of ​​this is to advance through the corridor to reach the stairs, there we will get and take some bloody armor, here is the architect's, the weakest the architect proceeds to open the door so that we can complete his legacy, after that it is necessary to advance towards door 2 also in the Sohn District in Hellpoint, this allows us to jump over a ledge to reach the previous location and here have to fight with some zombie mobs, after that we approach a loot and move to the stairway on the other side, pus this leads us nothing more and nothing less than the Diamond ingot, the Onmicubo Defense System and the Inselio Rod.

    Knowing how to unlock the architect's armor is practically more focused on protecting his legacy and that it can be completed, he may even lose us escaping with it, this architect's armor is quite light and has the ability to equip some weapons such as stars or columns, to avoid penalties of requires 6 STR and 10 COG, it is simply a low resistance armor.

     Now that you know how to unlock the architect's armor set, it will only be necessary to venture into this quest through Hellpoint.

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