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Hellpoint is a very busy game and today it leads us to discover the eye codes in Pattern B.

What to know about the Eye Codes in Pattern B of Hellpoint?

Pattern B is also found in the Sohn district, near pattern A and the arena where we face the gathering leaders, to get here we start from the spaceport, next to the red walls that we find in the boss arena we have to find a rail, which allows us to go up, when we do we will get to where some corridors are and when we continue through them we will find some rooms, we can jump through one of these, arriving in one of them at the elevator that takes us in a very long corridor to get to the camera of the hour of the black hole, in this place we get several objects such as the Radiogardase and the Mind Vessel OB, while going by the other elevator we will reach the space port area from the Sohn district, here we will be in an office building very close to the control room, apart from loot there is also a gap synchronizer and the key that activates the tram, now let's see what are the codes to enter.
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    What are the Eye Codes in Pattern B of Hellpoint?

    For pattern B we have:

    • The eye two tower code: 3898 9450
    • The three eye tower code: 5012 3677

    This way we finish our Hellpoint guide, now you already know the Eye Codes in Pattern B, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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