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HELLDIVERS Guide: Use the Distractor Beacon

2019-06-12 21:28:02

Learn to use the Distractor Beacon in Helldivers. More details here.

In Helldivers, the top-down shooting game developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, you must have skill when using the Distractor Beacon, because if you do not have mastery of these, you could present unnecessary problems, for this reason we will show you how to use the Helldivers Distractor Beacon.

HELLDIVERS - How to use Distraction Beacons

Brush the enemy's mechanism in Helldivers

Regular troops and reinforcements have an upper limit with respect to their number in a certain area. When this limit is reached, there will be no new troops or ordinary reinforcements, even if the alarm is activated again, provided that the first or last one is not reduced. Each time an alarm is activated in this area, reinforcements are reset until the maximum number is reached.

If this is done, you can attract scouts or even tanks by launching markers, which indicates that the number of ordinary troops located in a certain area may reach the upper limit during a certain period of time, for this reason there are almost no troops ordinary in the defensive area, and low alertness, which greatly reduces the defense pressure.


Activate alarms deliberately around defensive positions in advance and attempt to use static field drivers to keep reinforcements at a safe distance from defensive positions, all in order to reduce the pressure on the defense. However, these actions will depend clearly on the mechanism of the game.

Important fact

A fact that you should know in Helldivers, is that it also has a mechanic who frequently attracts regular troops in the direction the player is heading.

How to avoid using brushes on reinforcements in Helldivers?

If you use the above mechanisms, you can avoid the use of brushes in the reinforcements, when using a new brush, the regular forces fire alerts of new reinforcements, limiting the number of before the reinforcements decrease, this hides a reduction in the number of original reinforcements. That is, you can eliminate reinforcements in the adjacencies of a defensive area by going in circles, with a distance of one square on the map approximately.

Confusion of Helldivers beacons

  • - Duration: For those who do not know, the beacons have a duration, after which, or if they are destroyed, they become ineffective.
  • - Effective range: This is probably a circular area with the length of one and a half squares on the map as the radius.
  • - Delivery time: The use of beacons is to attract scouts or tanks in a certain area, using the Distractor Beacon role to attract the enemy, to avoid detection and activate the alarm. What makes it useless to try to release the Distractor Beacon after activating the alarm.
  • - Applicable scenario: This does not apply to retaliatory attacks, as its use is only to attract enemies.

How to use Distractor Beacon points in Helldivers


In the defensive position on the length of the square on the map, if you are very close the effect is not good, and if it is too far it will have no effect.


It is recommended to plan the route, this in order to avoid going through the area of ​​the beacon again. You must pay attention to the map to avoid the explorer or the tank that does not attract the Beacon, however, it also serves to determine if the beacon is still effective through the yellow diffusion circle on the map.

On the other hand, in the mission with destruction tasks, "Hellbomb" can also be used as a small beacon, and attract dogs, something that the beacon can not do. Therefore, calling more "Hellbomb" can generate more feasible results, since explorers or dogs are inefficient to destroy bombs, losing a lot of time and will not notice it.

If you only destroy the tracks of the tank and throw a "Hell Bomb" on the edge of the tank, the bomb will attract him and he will not have the possibility of destroying the players.

This way you can use the distractor headlight in Helldivers. We hope this information has been very useful for you. Do not forget to stay tuned for our publications.

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