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Hell Let Loose: How to play like an Officer

2019-06-08 16:29:33

If you expect to be one of the officers in Hell Let Loose to help the community, there are certain things you should know about. That is why we have prepared an official guide of Hell Let Loose which we leave you below.

As an officer you will have to bring the meeting points to the smart areas around the targets, you will have to keep them updated and not allow the enemy to approach them.

Hell Let Loose - GUIDE : ROLES - OFFICER

Place your team in progress through deadly terrain.

Use the binoculars to determine which are the most feasible objectives and mark them and go with your team, but do not fight too much in the front line, remember that your role is to serve as support, keep in mind that, if you die and your rally disappears, The team will have to return to the location you marked. So you'll have to stay alive so your team does not waste time.

Keep your squad alive with Hell Let Loose.

If you need someone who is a doctor, ask someone to volunteer, if you need engineers, MG, support, or whatever you need, ask someone to volunteer, they will usually accept and help you keep your Hell squad. Let Loose with life.

While you are on the battlefield, be careful not to be the prey of an enemy that is following you.

Eliminate the enemy squads if there are no more hostile there, you can mark them so that you have them located, as long as you only have an active mark so that your shield does not get confused.

Hold X to coordinate with your fellow officers and your commander, to put together an attack strategy with a greater range of effectiveness.

Keep friendship and camaraderie always revived, be respectful and encourage and give motives to your squadron to fulfill more and better goals all the time. Keep in mind that after all you will be behind the battle line giving orders and those in the front line of battle will need encouragement to meet their objectives.

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