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Hearthstone: How to Get Ramkahen Roar - tips and tricks

2019-08-08 20:51:09

 A new Hearthstone expansion has arrived and with it also the task of getting the Ramkahen roar among so many new things.

A new expansion of Hearthstone is already among us and we have been able to enjoy a lot of new features, including 135 new thematic cards which you can get through several game modes. The card that has attracted the attention of many players has been the one that allows you to get the Ramkahen Roar. Fortunately we have everything more than covered and we will tell you how to get it.

The Quest letters despite the fact that many do not find a specific utility, however, when completing the special mission you receive with them, the letter has very strong effects.

The expansion also allows you to alter the spells of the heroes by completing the objective among other new features.

How to get the Ramkahen roar in Hearthstone.

The first thing you will have to do is get the Hunter class spell called "Unseal the Vault" by opening Saviors of Uldum card packages which are completely cheap, 100 gold for each card pack.

To get gold you will have to have completed a few challenges, although you can also use real money if you wish.

Eliminating enemies while in sand mode it is possible to get Saviors of Uldum cards as well.

If you want to create the cards you need you can do it from the My Collection menu where prices vary between:

  • Unseal the vault - 400 gold.
  • Golden Unseal the vault - 1600 gold.
  • Unzip the vault - 1600 gold.
  • Golden Unseal the vault - 3200 gold.

When you get the cards you need, you can complete Summon 20 subjects in the same game to get the reward.

We hope our guide has been useful to you, and you are more than prepared to get the Ramkahen roar in Hearthstone.
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