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Hearthstone: How to beat Vesh - tips and tricks

2019-09-18 23:30:28

Do you want to find out how to beat Vesh in Hearthstone? Then you can not miss this guide.

In this new installment of Hearthstone, we will be sharing with you the best tips and tricks so you know how to beat Vesh, since Azeroth is in danger. So check out here.

How to beat Vesh in Hearthstone?

To know how to beat Vesh in Hearthstone, you should keep in mind that Shacknews has already knocked down the Lords of the Plague and can help you with your defeat.

The Lords of the Plague begin with 300 HP. However, consider that if you are defeated, they will retain their current total HP. These have the ability to change phase and Hero Power after every 100 Life. So it would be advisable to change your strategies based on your new skills

When the phases change, they may receive new cards. However that will not be your case. It is worth mentioning that both the cards and the treasures that you manage to collect during the game may vary.

How to beat Vesh in Hearthstone? - Phase 1

You should know that Vesh has a varied mixture of murlocs. He has the ability to fill his board with them in no time, so this can hurt you if you're not careful.

Use mulligan as a resource to Amakir the Light, this can help you stay at the forefront of health, since it is 5/8 and it is very unlikely that they will be destroyed by lower attack murlocs. The use of free healing spells is recommended to keep both you and him alive. Do not underestimate Toxfin, as it can bring down anything by giving a Poisonous Murloc, so if you use Cheat Death, it can help Amakir return to your hand.

What does Vesh's opening Hero Power mean?

This will indicate that you will be forced to play the control game, however, Amakir should help you stay ahead.

On the other hand you must make use of the spells of effect area and the Power of the hero of Reno's arcane cunning, this in order to slowly assault the ranks of Murloc de Vesh.

How to beat Vesh in Hearthstone - Phase 2

Twist is "Plague of Murlocs". This will gather a random Murloc when you draw a Surprise! Murlocs! card, proving to be an inconvenience in Heroic, since Vesh will have the possibility of destroying one of your Murlocs to invoke a Golem Scaly, that is, a mockery of 0/4 with a Deathrattle that gives + 1 / + 1 to all Murlocs from Vesh on board.

But thanks to the invisibility cloak, Vesh will not be able to attack any of your murlocs, leaving him only the option to sacrifice his. This action returns to the face of vulnerable Vesh. So you must keep the board under control, using Amakir's healing spells in order to keep everything in perfect health.

How to beat Vesh in Hearthstone? - Phase 3

In this final stage, Vesh will unleash Mur-nado and you should know that no amount of Stealth can stop him. This action will take all your henchmen to drag him to Vesh's deck, making him fatigue proof in the final part of the showdown.

In case you have used many spells, The Gatling Wand will be activated in an obscene degree. So if the board is clear, all the power of The Gatling Wand will be unleashed leaving Vesh at a disadvantage. You will finally have to use the remaining burn spells to end this extensive combat.

This is basically what you should know about how to beat Vesh in Hearthstone.

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