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Everything you need to know before you know where to find the hidden watermelon in Half-Life Alyx

  It turns out that in Half-Life Alyx there is a hidden watermelon that everyone wants to get because they have become an icon in their own right since they appeared in the second game in 2004.

Many players are satisfied to hear the sound of the watermelon breaking either in someone's head or just against a wall, so our 13-year wait between Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Half-Life Alyx was overwhelmed mainly by misery of wanting more Half-Life watermelon action, but just not getting any.
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    Many claimed that the game development platform would be preparing a much more epic and improved version of the game where we could launch our precious watermelons, and indeed at the time the news of a new Half-Life game came out, your first thoughts must have been "At last I will launch my virtual watermelons!".

    The harsh reality is that it is not a fully added item to the game. But don't worry because it still stays there, at least.

    And that leads us to wonder where to find the hidden watermelon?

    Well a kind YouTuber and MVP MarphitimusBlackimus recently demonstrated where to find the hidden watermelon in Alyx. The truth is that this fruit will not appear commonly while you play but with a little help "noclip", you can fly out of the basement where you are trapped and meet your partner.

    The only thing wrong with the new Alyx watermelon model is certainly something to marvel at, with its high definition shine and overall improved melony, the harsh reality is that it still disappoints us because when you find it you can't destroy it to your heart's content and if you try to manipulate it a lot of this simply leaves our space.

     Even with all the hunger Half-Life Alyx caused by not knowing where to find the watermelon hides its weak watermelon game, we could say that we were deluded to see that what they did to the watermelon was something very poor and vague and Valve should not have bothered too.

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