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H1Z1 presents a change in the name and mechanics.

2019-03-07 21:10:39

H1Z1 seems to have stayed in the battleground of the Battle Royale games, while Fortnite, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and the newcomer Apex Legends, have gone to the open sea exploiting their capabilities to the maximum and increasing their popularity on the network. The number of players was falling considerably in the Pro H1Z1 League that did not finish the first season due to lack of interest.

In the month of September a different development team took over after the Daybreak Game Company revealed that the title would be renamed Z1 Battle Royale (or Z1BR).

The change of brand Z1 Battle Royale is official for a few hours, and several updates will be carried out in a new important patch.

Z1 Battle Royale general manager Anthony Castoro said the following: "Regain the game that many of you fell in love in the classic era of the 'King of Murder'."

The NantG developers were working on the user interface, implementing an updated menu system and a source of information on deaths among other configurations, to try to revive the game, even return to some classic versions of certain mechanisms.

Movements, animations, textures, lighting, weapons mechanics, trunk and vehicle distribution were also improved.

The new mission system of Z1 Battle Royale provides certain objectives that can be developed and fulfilled over the course of the game and to obtain credits, boxes or fragments that you can also obtain from dead enemies.

The next competitive season of November will also begin. In the same way, improvements were made to the scoring system for the standard and classified professional game, with more emphasis on assassinations than on starting places.

With the change in the title could get attract new users who look like "Battle Royale" through Steam or PlayStation Store, return to the classic aspects in some parts of the game can make some players who left home come back again and much more changes are still awaited to bring life back to the now "Z1Battle Royale".