2020-06-09 12:13:49

We invite you to discover How to beat Ichthyosaurus Offspring a new task in Gunfire Reborn.

What to know about Ichthyosaurus Offspring in Gunfire Reborn?

 This is our second boss to face in the game, he is a difficult enemy to beat compared to Lu Wu, descendant of a boss with great abilities, but in this guide there will be the best tips to understand How to beat Ichthyosaurus Offspring, it is only We need to pay attention to the content presented below.

How to beat Ichthyosaurus Offspring in Gunfire Reborn?

 Our choice of weapons has to consider several aspects, which are damage by corrosion and fire, in this way it is possible to eliminate the shield that this enemy has and cause damage with fire, it also presents a large critical point, which allows us the use of the weapon of our preference, one of the attacks that the boss has is a laser capable of causing us a lot of damage, only that we can dodge it, when he tilts his head it will do the laser attack, the options to dodge are in any direction and thus we will avoid the damage, additionally if we want it is possible that when machine gunning in the surroundings of this we can avoid it automatically, if we get too close we will be attacked by their bites, so being away is indicated, in such If we dodge it, corrosion is one of its weapons to face us, which is a viscous substance that makes it difficult for us to dodge and damage it afterwards, with the use of RoF it is possible to finish off their corrosive shots.
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