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Guide to see some of the mysteries of Red Dead Redemption 2

2018-12-02 23:04:17

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game for PS4 and Xbox One that has undoubtedly been one of the favorites of all in the year. The game where its protagonists are Arthur Morgan and Van der Linde has a lot to offer and like any good game has its hidden things to which only with a little help you can access Visit the Bolsons The Shire is very far from North America and even more if we relate it to the Wild West but it seems that some relative of Frodo Bolson went up there and made a place in the land where Red Dead Redemption 2 is developed. Located north of the map in Ambarino, past Baccus Station and Fort Wallace you will find a house in the style of the Hobbits that will transport you directly to the middle earth

Canis Canem Edit If you are a real gamer you will know that we are really talking about the game known in Europe as "Bully", Canis Canem Edit was one of Rockstar's best releases for PS2. Well in Red Dead Redemption 2 is again present but this time as an inscription in one of the unique and legendary weapons of the game, which can only be acquired when you complete the secondary mission called "The noblest men ... and a woman" Meteor shower We are not talking about a meteor shower really falling on you during the game but to a site north of Annesburg through the Brandywine Drop area where a cabin is very damaged because it suffered multiple meteor impacts and you will be asked to Will it go there? So simple if you collect some of these meteors you can sell them for a good amount of dollars