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Fallout 76 Guide: Order Of The Tadpole Quest

2019-05-13 18:44:19

Fallout 76 Patch 9, Wild Appalachia, not only adds vending machines for all players, now you'll have to stop being a Tadpole to become an explorer, but do not worry, we'll tell you all about being an explorer.

But this isn't all, new mission content has also been added for Fallout 76.

The Order Of The Tadpole Quest, will help you to manifest and perfect the techniques in exploration suitable to avoid the threat on the part of the communists.

Fallout 76 - Side Mission Walkthrough - The Order of the Tadpole - Backpack Quest

How to perform the Order Of The Tadpole Quest  successfully

Next, we tell you how to perform the Order Of The Tadpole Quest  successfully.

Something that you have to keep in mind so as not to ruin your process, is that if you disconnect while you are on a search all your progress is in danger of dying so you could lose all the progress made. But if you want to avoid this, according to some users, who have been saying that this can be avoided by changing servers because the data to retrieve them could presumably be there.

To start the search command of the Tadpole in Fallout 76, you will have to go to a train station, look for the recruitment poster of the Pioneer Scouts in some of the walls to know a little more about The Order Of The Tadpole.

After starting the Order Of The Tadpole Quest, you will have to go to the Scouts camp, go to the booths and talk to the Scout Leader who is there.

To become a full-fledged Possum Scout, you must exemplify the correct Scout values:

Kindness: revive an ally.

Help: travel to the Kiddie Corner cabins and clean them.

Value: control the pests in Dolly Sods.

Grow: win 3 badges of challenge from the scout world.

Being kind will be very useful, wait for a friend to get hurt and assist with healing, although it isn't like someone is hurting all the time, but if you want to go a little faster you can make someone jump from a tall tree or from some cornice and assist him.

If you consider yourself brave, perform the Repeatable search successfully: Stings and things and acquire pieces for an insect repellent. Once you have the ingredients you will have to go to Scout Leader Treadly in the desert of Dolly Sod.

You can get ingredients in:

Bloodbug Proboscis: Southampton Estate, north of the wilderness area of ​​Dolly Sods.

Bloatfly gland: Look North.

Radroach meat.

Eastern Look Wire Spike: Bleeding Kate's Crack Death.

Sangre Sac: south of Harper's Ferry.

To get the value of the utility you must complete the search Repeatable: Operation ordered by touring the area of ​​the Kiddie Corner booths and looking for yellow toxic mutagenic waste groups in the soil near the water, although sometimes they are west of the scout leader in this area.

Have them with them and put them in the blue containment barrel that is near the Pompy explorer leader.

To achieve the virtue of growth, you will have to earn three scout world challenge badges. To see the challenges open the map, and then the challenges menu, selecting global challenges and in the options to the credentials entries at the bottom.

The selection of any of the entries will track the challenge and show you what to do.

The choice you choose to make seeks to take it prudently according to the conditions of your character.

Each credential includes several steps to complete and is limited by a test that assesses your knowledge.

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