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GTFO: How To Use Terminals - tips and tricks

2019-12-10 13:43:50

If you wanted to know how to use terminals in GTFO you can not worry, because in this guide we have everything covered.

What are GTFO terminals and what are they for?

The terminals are elements in the form of red kiosks that you can find on the map to get useful elements for the level in which you are.

How to use terminals in GTFO?

First of all you should know that the terminals show a list of many useful elements found throughout the level that will be useful for that level.

In case you want to make a query you will have to have the article code that you find with the List command, this will be placed after writing Query and you can find the location of that article, for example QUERY_KEY_GREY_473 to find the location where the key is Of some door.

To facilitate the search you can ping your location until you find the item to look for, just make sure you don't turn on the alarms and stay alert to any enemy.

This is our guide on how to use terminals in GTFO, we hope that now that you know how to use the terminals, you can take advantage of this tool in the game to make things much easier.

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