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GTFO: How to Sneak - Tips and tricks

2020-02-03 12:48:55

In our guide we can find all the related to how to sneak one of the important elements in GTFO and here affected the details.

Certainly we found that GTFO is not like a game that is based on secrecy, but it is possible the failure if we want to enter hurriedly in areas of complexity, that we do not detect ourselves will be our intention, to avoid unnecessary fights and only enter those that we do not have more options, it is good that we know how to sneak in this game, for that reason we have this guide and its content to give us all those guidelines that can help us to obtain it, without more that to say we enter with the details of the explanation.

What is there to consider to sneak into GTFO?

In the game our most common enemy is the sleeper, these are blind, and although they have sensitivity to light, once they have woken up they will follow us whether we are moving or not, as if they were seeing once they wake up, echolocation is their means of identifying to find us, their pulsating action is their representation, there are still things to know, so let's go ahead.

How to sneak into GTFO?

The key to sneak is not to make any movement when the sleepers are pulsing, a frantic movement will telegraph the pulse and noise, the breasts have a pulsating red and with these, sporadically makes the pulsation a sleeper or simply to hear something, to be in this situation is awake and alert to other sleepers with any movement we do.

For our stealth to be in a better way we have to consider in relation to our movements, walking squatting at all times, going from standing to squatting or on the contrary that causes noise, which we have to avoid because they will hear us, the flashlights are also problems to bring us problems because for each of the weapons there are different and the degree of brightness varies, there are many factors to consider to know how to sneak.

How to kill enemies stealthily in GTFO?

We have to seek to eliminate the sleepers without being detected, we must have coordination in a stealthy way body to body, if one of these enemies is near another when killing it creates a noise, flying debris serve to receive hits to other sleepers, communication with our team is key, so we will face the possibility that other sleepers wake up.

Before we make the melee attacks it is essential that they are well loaded before launching them, the intention is to eliminate it in one blow and if not they will not die, due to an incomplete attack it will be alive in the legs and will be able to attack us and alert the sleepers, also, it is important to take into account the amount of levels in the game that have elevated platforms and we have to be aware of what we have above and below us, since there will be sleepers that rest on these platforms.

When looking to remove an area we have to take into account that it may have another one underneath us, that's why one of our team members has to remove it at the same time as us, some of us consider the weaknesses that this system of secrecy presents in the game, no matter how careful we are the sleepers wake up, they are comments of the experiences of some of us the players, but they are also mostly our mistakes and we have to be alert.

Now we know how to sneak into GTFO being of great importance to defeat our enemies in a stealthy way, despite the errors these guidelines are very helpful if we want to continue to move forward.

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