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GTFO: How to Join Lobby - tips and tricks

2019-12-11 09:09:43

We have made for you a guide on GTFO where we will teach you how to join lobby.

This is a game in which they are still working, but that fills us with expectation, since it is not only a horror game but it also presents us with survival in a cooperative way, and is at our disposal for enjoyment. We will do everything possible to enjoy it to the fullest, since that is what it is about, so be prepared to see how to join lobby in GTFO.

Why is it necessary to know how to join the lobby in GTFO?

First, because it is a game that can be run cooperatively, because here we find that there is no list of friends, Steam, because everything tends to occur in an environment where everyone is given through discord, since this page is being published in a row where we will have the possibility to see what the other players publish in terms of lobby IDs, since these allow us to enter a lobby in GTFO.

In order to start a GTFO game it is necessary to make use of App discord, as it is the only way to run this game, because we need to host the game or join it to one that is already hosted elsewhere, this really is a simple process .

How to join lobby in GTFO?

To be able to join the lobby it is necessary to follow these steps that we will describe below:

First you will have to go to Discord of GTFO, and review the options that are detailed on the left side, because there you will scroll down until you reach “looking for a group”, once here we will have to select the region, where you will have the opportunity to see to other players paste identification codes from the lobby.

The codes that we see are the ones that they have acquired, to make use of them we must copy it and paste it in our clipboard (control V), here our goal is to remember the level at which the person is staying, to mention an example A1, b1, ETC….

Next, it is important to open GTFO and go to the menu, there we will have to look for “connect with Rundown”. As we already have the ID of the lobby copied to our clipboard, it is likely that we see a red box that appears on the left side, we place ourselves here and we will click in order to enter the person's lobby, for this we must be fast , because being slow we can't see it.

How to host a lobby in my place in GTFO?

If we wish to host a lobby and that our friends can see it, all we have to do is simply choose the level we want to play, then click on the host, then click on the red box that appears in the part of top right, there you will be asked if you want to copy the lobby ID, well, just take that ID and paste it in the Discordia lobby.

It is important to know that Discord of GTFO has a large number of channels which are listed, in addition, it organizes games to communicate during the game session and not only that since it can make use of the chat room, this represents a space well complete.

To close, we hope that our guide on how to join lobby in GTFO is helpful for you and you can do it quickly.

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