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The action in GTA Online doesn't stop, which leads us to point you where to find all the UFOs in the Halloween event.

What to know about UFOs at the Halloween event in GTA Online?

UFOs have been added for this special event, they turn out to be very dangerous ghost cars, supernatural killers and payazos, this will be seen emerging from the sky at night in Los Santos and Blaine County, it is important to consider in this regard where to find all UFOs in the Halloween event and for this it will be enough to closely follow the following content, we are going to do it.

Where to find all the UFOs in the Halloween event in GTA Online?

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    It is important to note about where to find all the UFOs in the Halloween event that we will depend on each day passed in real life, for that reason we have that on October 22 its location is in Fort Zancudo, on October 23 and 24 in Grand Señora Desert, on October 25 in Great Chaparral and on October 26 at the Palmer Taylor power plant, in addition to this we have that from 10pm to 3am is when they will appear in the sky at GTA Online, only that according to the game clock, We cannot do anything to change these factors, the UFOs have a light that shines and thus we can easily detect them in the darkness of the sky, while we get to see them in other places it is certain that the content will be updated based on the more sightings. Recent

    Certainly the only thing that UFOs do is float in the sky for a while until they go away and disappear, if we look for an interaction with them we must see their translator beam flashes in an instant until they leave, when we are in the air driving a What will happen is that the plane turns off the engine and starts in a brief moment, this UFO thing is not something new in the game, but seeing them shining in the sky is very entertaining and considering this special event more in your favor.

     In this way we finalize our GTA Online guide, now you know where to find all the UFOs in the Halloween event, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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